Welcome to my world!

Without looking at a calendar, I couldn’t tell you for sure what the date is. Quite often I don’t even know what day of the week it is. I haven’t worn a watch in years. Generally, I wake up when I wake up and I go to bed when I want to go to bed. Some days I wish I could sleep all day. Other days I am up at the crack of dawn with accomplishments under my belt before the first child stirs. Sometimes I think I am the laziest person in the world. Other times I’m sure I am the laziest person in the world. Yet…I still manage to get “it” all done….whatever the daily “it” is. Unless, of course, I can reprioritize…which is something like procrastination, but it sounds much better…much more efficient.

When I finally pull myself out of bed, I am busy homeschooling my 4 children. We are two weeks into our 5th year. Five years ago I expected to school 7 days a week with eager obedient children. Five years before that I envisioned homeschooling in a little classroom with desks and a chalkboard with obedient and eager-to-learn children. <maniacal laughter> After schooling at the dining room table for 3 yrs, I finally bought desks and set up a classroom area in a corner of the family room with a whiteboard. They were thrilled to have their own space. One battle won. — But those obedient and eager-to-learn children I envisioned for years only exists in the depths of my wild imagination. They just don’t get it. And I can’t seem to make them get it. They haven’t experienced how horrible institutionalized schooling can be…and was for me and their father. — Still, I plug along…reminding myself of the goal. And every now and then I see progress. Today actually, I sat down with a teacher to have her review their portfolios for the past year. She saw progress and I was greatly encouraged by that. I’ll sleep better tonight and wake up with a renewed excitement to further plan out our year. (See I am already thinking about sleeping.)

When I am not busy homeschooling, I am busy managing a local political campaign. The election is Nov 4th. People have asked me if I will ever do this again. It’s like childbirth. We never think at that moment that we will ever do it again, but then the amnesia sets in. So, I’m not going to make that decision today or even on Nov 5th. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it…and hope that I maintain the presence of mind to make an educated decision. It’s been an education…and I’ll be sure to write more about it.

Well, that’s enough of a peek into my world for now.


UPDATED – 12.16.08 – The campaign has been over for two months, so I thought I would provide a little update. I’ve already accepted the request to once again be his campaign manager for another go-around in 4 yrs. There will be lots of planning before we have to strap into the ejection seat of busyness. I remember when 4 yrs seemed like an eternity. 4 yrs of high school? 4 yr of college? Oh, the torture of such long periods of time. Will I ever be free? Hee hee. Now, time passes just to show us how fast time passes.


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