Living With…Arrrghhhhh!

Ever looked at someone you know (and maybe love) and thought, “Something looks different….”, but you just can’t figure it out? That’s the feeling I had this morning upon seeing my 6 yr old. I didn’t dwell on the thought very long at all. I continued on with my tidying up around the house.

A little while later, my boys directed my attention to something on the floor of the family room/school room/play room. It was hair. “Oh, it’s just Barbie hair” I said I as felt a glob of it. Somehow my attention was caught by another glob of hair on the floor in front of me. It was real hair! I yelled out Q’s name and went to find her carrying the evidence along to compare. “Did you cut your hair?” She quickly said, “No.”

That was the moment when that long forgotten thought came flooding back to me. She DID look different. She had bangs where she hadn’t had them before. “Oh, why did you cut your hair, Q?” — ” I don’t know.” came the response with a shrug of her shoulders. “What do you mean you don’t know? Why did cut your hair?”

You think I would know by now…after nearly 10 yrs as a parent…that I wasn’t going to get an answer to my “why”. Obviously, it seemed like a good idea at the time…the hair cutting, that is, not my persistent begging for an answer.

Finally, I turned off my disbelief and began to survey the damage. It ended up being worse than I thought. She had cut the hair so close on one side in the front that it left prickly hair. The other side is just above the eyebrow. I tried to arrange her hair to minimize the shock…to me and to her as she realized what she had done, but I soon stopped trying. It’ll grow out…eventually. I truly hope though, that she has learned a lesson about cutting one’s hair. As a mom who does most of the hair-cutting for the family and often her own (mostly just bangs, but once I cut it all the way around about 5 inches up after a really bad and expensive hair cut), I know and accept that I must live with my own trims. But it’s one of those almost inevitable things that children do. It was bound to happen sooner or later…and today was the day apparently.



One thought on “Living With…Arrrghhhhh!

  1. Looks awesome! Now, I can check in and see what you are up to. Nice.

    Poor Q- I know the feeling you had when you discovered the hair. My two were sitting in the kitchen and Noah grabbed E’s bangs and CUT. There were curly Q’s on the floor in about 3 different spots. My heart sank. You know what’s funny? It actually looked quite cute when he was done. hahahaha


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