“That’s So Discriminatory!”

The Ad Council and GLSEN (gay-lesbian something or another) have put out a new campaign verbally spanking teens for saying, “That’s so gay!”.

My question is: “What about all the other offensive language running rampant in the streets?”

For far too long, the general public has been subjected to offensive language via tv and radio broadcasts. Hey, I’m offended by the use of “Oh my G-d!”, the irreverent use of Christ’s name, and most certainly the Hollywood favorite, “G-d D@mn!”

Where’s the public outcry? Aren’t we (Christians & others) offended by this?

Where’s the Ad Council campaign to combat offensive language in general? Public swearing used to be considered extremely low-class, completely impolite, and unacceptable especially around women and children. These days, you can hardly go to the grocery without hearing unmentionable foul language.

I sent an email to the Ad Council explaining that I didn’t think their new campaign goes far enough. It’s sad, really though, to think that we have come to a place where the majority lack manners and good common sense and must be educated. But that’s a topic for another day.


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