Experimenting with a Year-Round Schedule

On January 5th, 2009, we will embark on a new home education schedule.

It’s going to look something like this:

7 week sessions, 7 sessions per calendar year.
4 days per week during the 7 weeks, with a 2 day break in between which will translate into a 4 day weekend (either a Thurs-Sun or a Sat-Tues).

Fridays will be open for playdates, field trips, art, etc.

That gives us 196 “school” days (not that I keep track of actual school days since things like Math are based on the 180 day ps cycle).

Overall Goals:
More consistency
Limiting knowledge loss from the traditionally longer breaks
Mom can schedule her projects and appts to have less impact on school days
Provides an outline for planning out unit studies

Note: Yes, I realize I have not accounted for holidays and such. The schedule just occurred to me the other day, so I haven’t noodled all the details out yet. But I know that this household definitely needs some scheduling.


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