My Find of the Week!

Recently, I came upon another homeschool site/blog HomeSchool With Index Cards and I had the biggest DUH moment of my homeschooling career.

For years I have been stockpiling a variety of flash cards…you know…for the kids, of course. I would excitedly purchase them for educational purposes. Once home, I locked them safely in the cabinet in the mudroom with all their other flash card friends. After all, what good is a flash card deck of 23 letters or 45 states? And that’s exactly what happened IF I dared to let the children use them.

Well, Molly has liberated me with her ingenious homeschooling method.

Today, I made 13 of these ring books (named for the Book Rings used to hold them together) from the unopened flash cards I had.

Ring Books

Ring Books

I’ve also embarked on creating some of my own (I think Words for Writing is visible in the photo).

This is such a GREAT idea that I just could not believe that I hadn’t considered it before. I’m so thankful for finding Molly’s website. She offers freebies index cards to print and sells others that she has created (for pennies when you consider her effort). We’re already having fun with these books.

I also want to share the Classical Astronomy website find too. Jay Ryan has inspired us to look at the stars. And it was a link on his blog that led to me to Molly’s website.

Check them both out!


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