I Will NEVER Be a Socialist!

Yes, the current political air has my blood boiling. So I have decided to blog my vents.

My letter to Newsweek (Letters@newsweek.com; WebEditors@newsweek.com)
in regards to the following article entitled:
We Are All Socialists Now
By Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas | NEWSWEEK
Published Feb 7, 2009
From the magazine issue dated Feb 16, 2009

HOW DARE YOU! I can assure you that we are NOT all socialists now. Liberals may be having a lover affair with socialism and communism, but HALF of this country (the REAL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS) DID NOT vote for the socialist/communist agenda of your naive, inexperienced, Toddler-in-Chief! I resent you including me and my fellow AMERICAN PATRIOTS in your rubbish assumption. We don’t want to be like the French or any other ruined-by-socialism country! Socialism is UNACCEPTABLE! It has FAILED everywhere it has been tried! Your idea of “success” is so horribly pitiful. What is wrong with you people? The world has long envied America because we did it RIGHT! Now you want to drag us down to the level of the rest of the world RATHER than trying to elevate the rest of the world to have what we have had??? I don’t get that! Socialism is the PROBLEM in this world NOT the solution. If it weren’t for the evil oppressive dictators, the world would be thriving in the same prosperity Americans have long enjoyed. But you champion extreme government dependence, creating not wealth or even middle-class status, but creating indentured slaves. I’m sick of hearing about “Free Healthcare”, “Free Education”, and everything else “Free” that people want. IT’S NOT FREE! Nothing is FREE! Selling your SOUL to the government so you can be apathetic and at their mercy for your care and condition is ABSURD! The PRICE for Socialism is TOO HIGH!


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