Bathroom Mini ReMod – Part 1

It’s begun. The long awaited attack on the kid’s bathroom.

Actually, I started this project sometime last year, I think. I painted it a light green. Then I immediately ran back to the paint store and painted it a much more sane color…something like a light gold. At the same time, I removed the baseboards. I didn’t replace the baseboards because I knew we wanted new flooring in there…some day.

I started scraping up the flooring at the doorway where the linoleum was already chipped. DH was going to do this, however, he was distracted by some online game with his buddies. When he saw me grabbing tools from the work bench he urged me to leave it alone because, “You’ll just muck it up.”.

It wasn’t easy, but I took the high ground and ignored him. (He didn’t fare so well when he later accused me of stealing “his” spatulas…used for spackle & such. I took “my” spatulas out from “my” painting kit and chucked the big one at him. Too bad it was only plastic.) Ah, the loving bond that grows between a man and wife during a home improvement project…

We did make it through the first day of our project without killing anyone or having the police show up. So, success!

Out, out you demons of chipped & faded old linoleum and swollen particle board cabinetry with broken drawers.


That yucky brown area is the glue from the 12×12 sticky tiles that were in the bathroom. I was halfway through scraping them off when I remembered that I was going to blog this.


Don’t you just love the missing drawer look? What’s really impressive is what you cannot see. The children have flooded the counter so badly that the particle board began expanding in the front near the doorway.

Finally! I didn’t time myself to see how long it actually took to remove all those sticky square tiles. It probably took about an hour total. The worst part was pulling it up around the toilet. Whomever put that floor down really glued it down on the tub side of the toilet. The easiest part was the final 4 squares near the doorway. Those just popped out with very little effort from my scraping tools.
I have this strange habit of not wearing gloves when I should, so I ended up with blisters…well, popped blisters…in the palm of my right hand. I sustained other various injuries in the process. Including coming head-to-head with my 4 yr old who was hopping around the bathroom from sink counter, to toilet, to the bathtub. She zigged and I zagged and WHAM!


Yeah! The sink is gone! It’s all still sitting in my front yard…just outside the front door because there are plumbing parts my husband needs from them.

He began laying the tile yesterday (I thought I took a picture, but I guess I didn’t). He marked off the tiles to be cut & I made a template for the base of the toilet since it would affect 4 tiles. Then I took all those tiles…9-10 of them back to Lowe’s for them to cut. We still had to nip out our curves. Oh, does my right arm & my butt feel that today (my arm from the nippers & my butt from the squatting I did while nipping the tile in the front yard…I didn’t want to kneel into the tile chips with my bare knees).

At 6:30pm, I was informed by the loud noise and lots of swearing that he broke a full size tile. So, off to Lowe’s I went again…with about 25 minutes to get there, get my tile, and get out. Rather than purchase a few tiles, DH insisted I buy a full box. Since I always…well, sometimes, do what he tells me I bought what he requested.

He didn’t lay anymore tile after I returned because he was still nipping out the tiles for around the toilet. He finished that up and we ate dinner on the couch while watching a documentary about the Knight’s Templar.


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