My Letter To Sen. Mel Martinez – 3.5.09

Dear Senator Martinez:


I regret that I am writing to express my disillusionment and disappointment with your statements regarding presidential eligibility and negating our US Constitution.

You are quoted in the above article as saying “And, (Obama) has now been duly elected by the majority of voters in the United States. Throughout both the primary and general election, concerns about Mr. Obama’s birthplace were raised. The voters have made clear their view that Mr. Obama meets the qualifications to hold the office of president,”.

Your statement is dangerous to this nation. Not only have you negated the US Constitution on a very Constitutional matter, but you have condoned and approved usurpation of the US Government. This is not merely about one man, this is about every future presidential contender. This isn’t even about just one Constitutional matter either. This is about the entire Constitution and all of the laws that govern our society and country.

Honestly, I feel betrayed by you as my representative. This constitutional presidential eligibility issue with Mr. Obama needs to be and should have been already properly, legally, and effectively sorted out to the satisfaction of the US Constitution and the ENTIRE United States of America! To date, it hasn’t. It doesn’t matter how many people voted for him if he’s NOT eligible. And if he’s not eligible, he never should have been allowed to run. People voted for him because this Constitutional matter was flat out ignored by all the cowardly and sycophantic politicians.

I urge you to recommit yourself to the US Constitution and to the citizens you represent.

Email Senator Mel Martinez!


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