Bathroom Mini ReMod – The Finale

I’m back with the finale to our Bathroom Mini ReMod project. It’s nearly been 1 month since I posted my last update on this project. The hold up? The lighted mirror. It took us that long to muster up the enthusiasm of installing it. Actually, we were dreading it. Everything is fun until you realize you have never done this before and you might really biff the job.

In the end, it wasn’t really that hard to do. First, we found the studs with the handy dandy stud finder….rrrright. I’ve yet to find a stud yet. (Imagine what kind of spam and pingbacks I’m going to get after this post.) We marked the wall where the studs were supposed to be. I held the mirror up against the wall and dh measured the space from the backsplash to the bottom of the cabinet. Then he cut two 7″ sections of 2×4. We placed the 2×4’s in line with the marked studs and set the cabinet on those while I held it against the wall. Three (3) out of four (4) holes drilled found the stud. That 4th one though…he drilled 5 holes before he found the stud. He kept apologizing for drilling through my new cabinet so many times. What? I’m supposed to complain about a few extra little holes? OR I’m supposed to watch the cabinet fall off the wall and shatter on my granite counter?

Finally we attached the mirrored-doors. And voila….

Lighted Mirror

Lighted Mirror

Oh, I forget to mention that I had to make two trips to Home Depot and one trip to Lowe’s to complete the project. We have found that to be the norm. So, I don’t recommend any middle-of-the-night home improvement projects. Don’t laugh. I was painting my sitting room when the handle on the roller broke (it was on an extension). I had 20 minutes to get to Home Depot before they closed for the night to buy a new one so I could finish painting the wall. Anyhooty…

Well, here it is…the (mostly) complete Bathroom Mini ReMod (I have some baseboards to paint and a section of wall to touchup).

Completed bathroom mini remod project

Completed bathroom mini remod project

Project Costs:
Tile, grout, mortar, & tools = $150
36″ Vanity cabinet w/toe kick drawer = $240
37″ Granite countertop w/ sink & sidesplash = $220
Faucet = $145
36″ x 36″ Lighted Mirror Cabinet = $180
Plumbing stuff = $25
Baseboards = $11
Caulk, silicon adhesive/sealer, & piece of wood to fill gap between cabinet & wall = $13
Paint = $8 (this is touch-up and baseboard paint…I painted the bathroom 1-2 yrs ago).
Mounting hardware for cabinet = $4
Lightbulbs = $25

Approx. Project Cost: $1021

We began the planning and budgeting this project last year estimating that it would run about $1000. The mini remod was needed as the other stuff was original from 1986 and falling apart. It is a welcomed change to that bathroom. The children are thrilled with their new tile floor, vanity, sink, faucet, & cabinet.

And now we’re looking forward to doing a mini remod on the master bath…time (and finances) will tell how soon we jump on that endeavor. The good news is that we still have tile, mortar, grout, caulk, silicon, etc.

Project Links:
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