What’s on your desk?

At http://artofeloquence.com/blog/ JoJo’s Monday Question of the Week: What’s on your desk that shouldn’t be there and what does this say about your life?

Well, as I Tweeted to JoJo, I cleaned off my desk the other day. I needed to turn on my Mac, which has been sitting dormant for 4 months (I did turn it on in Feb, but just to check my email that comes to that machine). But this time, I actually intended to use the Mac to edit pictures my boys took at the Jax Zoo on Good Friday.

So where did all this stuff from my desk go? To the floor around my desk, joining the boxes and piles of other stuff that was already there. For a few weeks now, I’ve been in the midst of “organizing” my homeschool bookshelf next to my desk. It’s a real chore!

Answering the 1st part of the question: What’s here that shouldn’t be here?

As I survey the chaos, trying to pinpoint something that shouldn’t be here, the obvious answer is none of it. It should all have a home or be tossed. That is the ultimate goal, but it seems to be taking me a long time to achieve.

But what is that one thing that is really out of place? Is it the 2008 calendar that I am saving for the beautiful pictures with scriptures? Is it the stack of coloring books and “artwork” from my creative children? Is it the little bottle of bubbles hiding from children who would use them in the house? Is it the birthday card from March? Or the photo from my daughter that I should have put in an album by now? Is it the stack of unlabeled CD’s of who-knows-what design project(s)? Is it the campaign materials from the local sheriff’s campaign that I managed for 18 months? Is it the laptop bag I haven’t used in a year?

Answering the 2nd part of the question: What does this say about my life?

I am a busy homeschool mom to 4 children, currently aged 10, 9, 6, & 5. Organization is not a strong point of mine. I’m okay with a little mess & chaos. I tend to collect things. And I am not a great, shining example of keeping my “room” clean. I do make visible and tangible efforts. And now that I have had time to ponder the situation here, the elephant in the room (almost too literally), I am feeling a need to make a better effort to put it all in order. I’m feeling a bit motivated to improve the space and remove the mess.

Just don’t ask me about my bedroom closet right now…

So, now it’s your turn: What’s on your desk that shouldn’t be there and what does this say about your life? Leave a comment with your answer.


One thought on “What’s on your desk?

  1. A computer….since I’m a conservative and apparently in possession of an IQ that’s smaller than the space between Barney Franks eyes….I really have no need for it, nor the intelligence to actually operate it. I really should just spend my time reading old copies of “Highlights Magazine”.

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