The Urge to Purge

Donation pile for 4.21.09

Donation pile for 4.21.09

Upon reading this blog post The Great eBay Purge Begins, I decided to blog about the pile currently sitting in my living room awaiting the Amvets truck that is coming by Tuesday morning.

I purge our house about 3-4 times each year. Between growing children, overly generous grandparents, and our own personal collecting habits (books, homeschool supplies, more books, curriculum, etc), each room oozes shtuff. It’s a constant cycle of wanting to simplify and adding more shtuff to the existing shtuff. My neighbor wants to have a garage sale in May, but we aren’t garage sale people (I’d rather attend on than host one) and we can use the tax deductions from the donations, no matter how minuscule it may end up being. For us, donating just works better.

So here’s what waiting to go…First, there is the big blue box sitting on the floor that is full of boxes containing books, kitchen items, and all sorts of stuff that I could not put into garbage bags due to weight. I contained them for the time being in the box (keeps children from sorting through it all).

Then there’s the smaller blue Rubbermaid tub. It contains 3 garbage bags of toys. The bags are not full, but two are play sets and the other is misc toys. Again, contained to keep children from reclaiming. (BTW, that blue tub is always in service in the mudroom to collect items for donating.)

Next, there are two full garbage bags and 1 small cardboard box. One bag is mostly full with clothes.

Surprisingly, I learned something about prayer through all of this. Actually, I learned about something that keeps me from prayer. A few days ago, the children and I were studying about prayer. We pondered the things that might get in the way of our prayer life.

I didn’t have any great revelations that day. But the next day, I got phone call from Amvets asking if I had anything to donate. What timing! I did indeed have things to donate and with my in-laws coming to visit next week. I had been dreading packing up my beloved evil SUV with my donations to drive to the Goodwill. At one point, I found myself “wishing” that Amvets would call since they send a truck around to collect donations. A voice inside told me to ask God, but that other voice said, “Oh, how silly. You’re gonna pray for God to send Amvets right when you need them and then when that doesn’t happen you’ll have to deal with disappointment.”

Well, God heard my internal conflict and He answered it loudly. There are no silly prayers. And I had let fear and doubt dictate what I would and wouldn’t pray about. I thanked God as soon as I recognized what had happened. And I shared the whole experience with my children the next morning.

Not only had God answered the prayer I wouldn’t pray for fear of disappointment, but He is sending Amvets by the day before my in-laws arrive. God’s timing is perfect! And through the simplest thing, I encountered Him and learned a priceless lesson of trusting Him in ALL things.


3 thoughts on “The Urge to Purge

    • I know what you mean. I only wish we could send some of our item donations to the communities that we support overseas (via WorldVision).

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