Unplanned Pregnancy – Part Six

Links to Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, & Part Five are at the bottom of this page.

“The agency did not want us to be at the hospital when [Anne-Marie] delivered, but said they would call us as soon as they had the news. Mother’s Day came and went, and our excitement and anticipation grew.”

Patience has never been a strong point of mine. As a person, I am always early or on-time with appointments. So when I went to the OB the day before my “due date”, I was a bit agitated that they were happy to have me go another week. I had wanted to go early, like the end of April. That didn’t happen.

Unfortunately, I would make it all the way to my next OB appointment, Monday, May 18th, 1992. There the OB said that I hadn’t made any progress. He ordered me to the hospital to start the induction process. Since the hospital was quite a bit away from the OB’s office and the hospital would not likely allow me to eat, DiDi suggested we stop for my last meal. She thought I was nuts, but I wanted pizza.

After my pizza break, we checked into the maternity ward. They started me out with PG gel on my cervix. I made a little progress, but not enough to proceed that evening. They scheduled me for an early morning Pitocin induction and sent me home.

It was a restless night. I tossed and turned until the alarm rang. On the way to the hospital, a 20 minute drive, I twisted in my seat and couldn’t get comfortable.

DiDi: “You’re in labor.”
Me: “No, I’m not. I just have a little pain in my lower back.”
DiDi: “You’re having contractions.”
Me: “No. It’s just a little pain.”

The conversation continued like this the whole time…

We arrived at the hospital on time, but it would be at least 2 good hours before they had all the monitors in place, the IV in my arm, the automatic blood measure cuff on, etc. The night before I was barely 3 cm and this morning, I was barely 4 cm. Finally, I was ready for the “Vitamin P” (pitocin) drip.

The monitors showed contractions which I never felt at all. They were as inconsistent as they could possibly be; 4 minutes apart, then 2, then 7, then 5, then 4, then 6…and on and on. Against my better judgment I succumbed to DiDi’s pressure to get pain relief. All I felt was a dull ache in my back, but she assured me it would get worse (did I mention DiDi had never given birth at this point?).

Loaded on Stadol and Vitamin P and still at 4 cm, the clock began ticking at 10am. They told me I would probably have a baby by 5 or 6 pm. I told DiDi to call the adoptive parents so they could be there for the birth, but she said she would call them after I had the baby. I was disappointed, but I was temporarily distracted. Eyes heavy, I struggled to keep an eye on the clock and watch the contractions on the monitor.

At 10:20, I told DiDi, “I have to push.”
DiDi: “You don’t have to push. You’re only 4 cm. You’re contractions are all over the place.”
Me: “I have to push.”
DiDi: “Wait a few more contractions.”
Me: “I have been waiting, but I keep falling asleep.”

Very reluctantly, DiDi got the nurse from the hallway. The nurse checked me and I was at 9.5 cm. She said I could start pushing.

With a mixture of relief and apprehension, I began pushing. I was not happy to be doped up and more on my back than I wanted to be (I had watched a years worth of birth films in a child development class in high school & I did not want to give birth on my back.)

About 30 minutes after I began pushing, the OB arrived with a student doctor in tow. He asked if I minded the student assisting. Hello? You could all be naked and have 50 students in the room and I wouldn’t protest. I happily agreed that he could stay. Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t ask him for his phone number.

Thirty more minutes passed and I heard the OB asked for his scalpel. I protested…loudly. He yelled back, “Do you want to tear?” and I screamed “Yes!” DiDi said calmly, “No, no, you don’t want to tear.” With malice and contempt, I conceded. (I came away calling it an “appease-i-otomy” because it appeased the OB.)

With that torture out of the way, I was still making little progress. An anterior lip had, after an hour of pushing against it, swelled, preventing the baby from getting anywhere. So, the OB got out his next torture device, the salad spoons. He pulled for an hour. And at 12:20pm, she finally made her appearance.

Without hesitation, I yelled to DiDi, “Call [the adoptive parents]!”

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Part 7 coming soon!


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