Unplanned Pregnancy – Part Seven

Links to Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, & Part Six are at the bottom of this page.

“Then on May 19th,…[the adoption agency] called with wonderful news…[Anne-Marie] had a baby girl!! They told us to drive [up] as soon as [Anne-Marie] and [baby] were discharged from the hospital.”

After giving birth, I was moved into a private post-partum room. My best friend and her 3 yr old stopped by. Three hours later, my mom stopped in. She looked at me and said, “Are you flat?” Apparently, she did not get the message we left for her and had gone shopping. Eventually, I was alone. Completely alone.

I walked down to the nurses station and asked for all the paperwork for the birth certificate and social security card. After filling that out, I walked down to the nursery. As I had mentioned, the hospital didn’t know how to treat me as a birthmother. They had kept the baby from me after DiDi had left, not to be mean, but not knowing that I wanted to see her and care for her. The nursery nurse was giving her another bath when I went in. Apparently, she had made a mess in her bassinet. I asked if I could feed her and she said she would bring her to me at the next feeding. We chatted for awhile. I held her there. And then I returned to my room.

Around midnight, the nurse wheeled her little bed in there and showed me where all the stuff was in the cart. She helped me get situated in the bed (the IV was more annoying than the other discomforts). And she left me there to feed my daughter a 4 oz bottle of formula. The nurse had turned off the light and I had the plentiful light from the hallway to see by.

It was a quiet peaceful time. I looked her over and reflected on everything I had “thought” she would look like or remind me of. What really impressed on me most was how she was an individual. A product on two sets of DNA, yes, but so much more. She was beautiful.

All of a sudden, a loud alarm went off, the magnetic doorstop released, and I was alone in the pitch dark, feeding my newborn, and unable to maneuver to the nurse call button. I had no idea what was going on and I hoped someone would come open the door soon. I waited, but no one came. She was fast asleep in my arms, so I just snuggled down with her in my arms and lightly slept.

Three hours later, the nurse opened the door and apologized. There had been a small fire in the hospital kitchen and all the “safety” features kicked in. I was relieved that was over. The nurse took her back to the nursery and I went to sleep.

In the morning, DiDi and my mom arrived. DiDi had brought a cute outfit and a car seat. I got myself cleaned up and dressed. The OB released me about 11am. I rode in the backseat of DiDi’s car next to the baby. My mom followed DiDi to the agency, which was run out of the owner’s home. It was a 45 minute drive.

We arrived before the adoptive parents. They were coming from a further distance in the opposite direction as we had just driven. I settled in on the end of a sofa holding my daughter. Very shortly, a car pulled up in front of the house and a familiar face was in view.

“…24 hours after her birth…on May 20th, we met [Anne-Marie], her mother…,[the baby], [adoption agency owners], and [DiDi]…at [their] pleasant home…”

“Even though none of us had done this before (including [the adoption agency]), everyone seemed pretty relaxed on the surface. [Anne-Marie] looked exhausted (can’t imagine why!), but for about an hour, we chatted and admired our precious little bundle. And what a beautiful little bundle she was! She had lots of thick black hair, flawless skin, and a perfect little 7 pound, 7 ounce body.”

And I literally placed my daughter into the arms of her mother.

“We took lots of pictures, and then said good-bye with lumps in our throats. But we also knew we would talk again very soon, and be arranging a visitation.”

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Part 8 coming soon!


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