All This For $53.50

Preparing for our upcoming trip meant making sure we could all get thru our vacation without running out of clothes. I decided that I would not go retail shopping for these clothes. Instead, I stopped at our local Goodwill. Take a look at what I bought for $53.50…

Goodwill buy 051609

Each item cost an average of $2.94 before tax & $3.14 after tax.

For me: Jeans (1), shirts (1), skirts (1), & shorts (1).


For “I”: Pants (1), & shorts (2).
For “G”: Shorts (3).


For “Q”: Dresses (2) & skirts (2 – these can be shared w/”M”)
For “M” Dresses (2) & Shorts (1)


And some ham too…

Q & M


2 thoughts on “All This For $53.50

    • Yes…OUR Goodwill. I know what you mean, Diane. It’s been several years since I have actually bought anything there. They used to have two small racks for kids clothes. Now they have at least 5 times that amount. I rarely have time (or the patience w/other GW patrons) to sift through all their color-coded women’s clothing racks. I must not have thought I would find anything either because I didn’t grab a cart when I got there and ended up carrying all these clothes around the store.

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