What We Did With Our Friday Morning

Friday morning started out pretty good. I got up at my new forced time of 7:30am.

I spent some time working productively on my travel plans notebook. As I often tell people, I don’t plan much in my life except vacations. While I don’t schedule my plans down to the minutes & seconds, I do like to have all of the essential information at my fingertips. This will be especially handy before we (that’s myself & 4 kids) disembark to run down the concourse to breathlessly catch our connecting flight. In my notebook are maps of all the airports we will be in, so when they tell me our connecting flight is at gate such & such, I won’t be hurriedly traversing thru the airport trying to read signs & keep track of my children. I’ve also got all the family bathrooms mapped out.

The tabs across the top mark the beginning pages for Flight Info, Rental Car, Hotels, & To-Do (as in things I “want” to do on my vacation).

The tabs along the side mark the pages for the specifics: actual flights, hotels, rental car, places. These tabs are in chronological order down the page even though the bottom two tabs are for pages more towards the front of the book.


I worked on my notebook until my girls woke up. They had expressed a desire the night before to bake a “blueberry cake” in the morning. So, I bought a Krusteaz blueberry muffin mix and we followed the instructions for making a Blueberry loaf.

Initially, 6 year old Q was very distraught that I was using a loaf pan (which I had to buy the night before too because I somehow have gotten by without one…oh yeah, I have a bread machine). Somehow I managed to convince her that her “cake” would still be a cake, but just be shaped like bread.
Blueberry Cake 1
…and of course, they had to add food coloring swirls.

Blueberry Cake 2

We hadn’t been at the cake baking long when 9 year old Ee-duh (a sibling mispronunciation we use to harass him with) demanded his daily ration of pancakes. I opened up the freezer and terror gripped me. Well, it wasn’t that bad, but he wasn’t happy when I told him I forgot to buy pancakes. See, I had intended on making the pancakes first thing that morning, but had forgotten about that when I saw my notebook calling me to organize our vacation.

He was miffed. But I assured him that I would make his pancakes while the cake was baking. He just had to be patient…which no one in this house seems to enjoy being.

As soon as the cake was in the oven, I grabbed all the pancake ingredients to make my quintuple batch. Wouldn’t you know it? My ground oatmeal was on E and I didn’t have time or feel like grinding up anymore. So, I grabbed the wheat flour instead and was on my way.

Since I do this on a regular basis, I don’t even bother digging the recipe out. Of course I have trouble remembering how much baking powder & salt I need. So, I guessed. When it hit me that I had put twice as much baking powder in as I needed, I really thought I had botched the pancakes. I didn’t know what would happen really. Oh well, I moved forward. It wouldn’t be the first time I slaved over pancakes only to have him tell me how much he hated them.

Just as I toss the beaters from the hand mixer into the sink, I remember what I always forget…the vanilla and almond extract. I added my vanilla. Then I went to pour the almond extract into a measuring spoon and I swear half the bottle emptied into the mix. It’s a small bottle, but still…that’s a lot of almond extract. I mixed it in with a wooden spoon figuring he was going to hate my botched pancakes anyway, so why bother worrying about the almond extract.

As I got to the end of the pancake batter, 9 year old son said he wanted to try making the pancakes on the griddle. He was able to make about 14 of them and use the spatula to remove them. He also made a big deal about wearing one of my aprons. I don’t know what all the fuss was about really because it’s a unisex black apron.

Anyway…so here they are…minus the 4 he ate.


So, that’s what this crazy household did on Friday morning.

(Remember the “cake”…between the girls who did some heavy damage and dh only a tiny square remained.)

* Pictures taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P10


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