2009 AZ Trip – Part 1

Visiting my daughter Lindsey has long been a topic of conversation here at home and on the phone with Lindsey and her mom. For reasons of mostly time (dh’s schedule) and money, it had been 3 yrs since we visited in June 2006. Prior to that, as a family, we had only visited once in January 2005. And it had been nearly 7.5 yrs since I moved from AZ to FL. We made several attempts during those 7.5 yrs to visit, but our plans always fell through for one reason or another. When I lived in AZ, we visited several times each year, mostly meeting halfway or me going to their home.

Another on-going topic is moving to AZ, but to date dh has not been too much in favor of that. His opinion varies on that topic from day-to-day. Some days he’s gung-ho and other days he is absolutely opposed. I pray often for someone to walk up to the door and offer to buy our house. No, we are not actively selling our home. Some might see this as a problem, but merely a few days after we bought our home in Sept 2001, two men did come to the door asking to buy it. I was too worn out from the buying process to even consider selling that day. But I digress…

Mother’s Day & the Birthday Dream
For Mother’s Day, I received a letter from Lindsey that so dearly touched my heart. She spoke of “trying” to buy us all plane tickets so that we could share her birthday with her. I showed it to dh who was also very touched. “You need to go visit her,” he said. I seized the opportunity of his suggestion and began looking into flights and hotels, etc.

At first, her birthday week was perfect for flying out there. DH would be out of town for his job too. But sticker shock quickly started to dampen my hopes of making this happen. The cheapest prices I could find for flights, hotel, & car were $3600. When I told DH that, he agreed that it wasn’t going to happen.

Then, as it would happen, Lindsey’s mom was sick and they had to cancel their family plans to go away for her birthday. She called me to tell me about her disappointment. Her dream had been for us to be there and for her friend, Allie, to be there and to travel around Northern AZ together. She had begun dreaming this early in the year and now it seemed that everything had fallen apart.

Knowing that this trip wasn’t going to happen during her birthday week, I started looking at other dates. As more affordable flights and travel packages popped up, I began to get very hopeful. I’m sure I prayed before this, but if not, I was definitely praying now for God to make this happen. I knew how very important it was to Lindsey and I hadn’t made a good effort in the past 3 yrs to plan for another trip when I knew I should have.


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