WWYD w/this Wall?

What would you do with this wall?

What would you do with this wall?

This wall sits at the end of the breakfast bar, between the kitchen & the dining room, by the entrance to the kitchen. Though we’ve owned this house for nearly 8 yrs, I only recently started using this area as a breakfast (& practically every meal our kid’s eat) bar. To me, this wall is one of the most awkward walls in the house. It is screaming for something to do, to be utilized.

When I recently painted the kitchen (including this wall) and converted the counter for eating rather than for endless piling, I thought I would hang some shelves. Then I would buy some child-friendly, adult-appealing dishes or maybe put breakfast items in reach. I nixed the idea of a cabinet because I already have a cabinet on the other end of the bar that is a pain to utilize. (I HATE my kitchen, just so I’m clear about this.)

So, I am bringing this conundrum to the web.

Post a comment to let me know what you would do to utilize this wall?


4 thoughts on “WWYD w/this Wall?

  1. I second the bulletin board for displaying works of art…

    Or the clock…

    Or if it were my house, I might put the white boards that I use for kids’ chore lists. The boards are fancier than regular boards – nicely framed so they don’t look so school-room-ish -then at meals, we can refresh our memories of what they have to get done…

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