Itch 2 Pitch – 6.15.09

Thanks to The Happy Housewife I am ready to tackle my clutter this summer…week by week, and room by room.

For this first Itch to Pitch week, I chose the worst room in the house, the mudroom. This is Clutter Central of the Shaffer abode. This proved to be a more than overly ambitious endeavor on my part. While I made considerable progress, this room will need to be revisited again another week.

What I find when I attempt to declutter is that even if I start in one room, the process takes me to several rooms. The mudroom can literally take me to every room of the house, but I refrained from deviating too horribly. I wanted to stay on task to show what I started with and what I ended the week with.

I didn’t take pictures of my trash, but I happily dumped two big garbage bags worth into the trash. What I did take pictures of is the containers full of stuff going to AMVETS on Tuesday.

So, here are my before & afters for the Itch To Pitch Challenger, Week One:

Mudroom Before

Mudroom Before

Mudroom After

Mudroom After



BEFORE: Various
DSC00403 DSC00404 DSC00405 DSC00406DSC00407DSC00408DSC00409

AFTER: Various – There is still a bit of “clutter”, especially on the left side of the bed, but it’s my lack of storage space. I’m trying to find a good place to store our luggage. A lot of the stuff on the bed is homeschooling related. I left it here because otherwise I would just be adding more clutter to my desk area…and it doesn’t need any more clutter…obviously another soon to be tackled Itch to Pitch space.
DSC00436 DSC00437 DSC00438 DSC00440 DSC00441 DSC00439 DSC00442

BEFORE DSC00414 DSC00415

AFTER DSC00431 DSC00430

These boxes contain all of the things I found in this room to donate. AMVETS called on Sunday to tell me they will be by on Tuesday, so these items will be outta here very soon!

This was my deviation. It is in the office (what used to be our garage). As I was cleaning up the mudroom, I decided to relocate some of the homeschool supplies to my cabinet…after I cleaned up the cabinet of course & relocated some of it’s contents to “my” desk in the office (it’s mine in name only & by what is kept in it, otherwise I don’t use it, but dh does use the desk space).

So, there it is…I haven’t decided which area to tackle next, but circumstances might determine it for me.


6 thoughts on “Itch 2 Pitch – 6.15.09

  1. Oh my, so brave of you to start such a major project! We have a store room off of our garage that is a work in progress… it will take me much more than one week before I have an “after” photo there! Good luck and keep up the good work!

  2. I couldn’t see all of your pics, but the ones I could see look good. Have you considered hanging storage for your luggage. That is what we have in our garage. We hung shelves from the ceiling. It worked really well.

    • I was having a terrible time with the photos today. Don’t know if it is WordPress or something I did.

      As a matter of fact, several times this week I walked into the office/garage, gazed at the ceiling and imagined hanging storage for the luggage, etc. It’s probably my only solution in this house.

  3. Love your homeschool supply cabinet. We have been talking for a couple of years about getting one.

    I also find that cleaning or decluttering one room usually takes me to others since I usually find a bunch of stuff that didn’t belong in the room I was working on in the first place. It can be hard to just concentrate on that one room. It looks like you did a great job : )

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