Itch 2 Pitch – 6.29.09

Thanks to The Happy Housewife I am tackling my clutter this summer…week by week, and room by room.

Once again, I was very ambitious in picking the room I needed to declutter this past week…the 20′ x 20′ family room / school room / play room / my work area. I documented the mess with my camera, but in the end (after a long week of learning how to coupon & making a meal plan) I had to settle with being happy with the progress I was able to make. So, I won’t bog down this week’s pitching post with all the things I didn’t get to in this room. I will just post those before pictures as I actually make progress in the coming weeks. Cuz I’m gonna be decluttering this room for awhile.

Before I get to what you can see, I want to list the things I worked on that you can’t see. It was very tedious & time-consuming, but well worth it.

  • Our important documents – I went in search of birth certificates & I was dumbfounded with all the junk I had kept and deemed as “important”. So, I cleaned out this special space sending lots of stuff to the shredder.
  • My two-drawer file cabinet – I rarely use the thing & I couldn’t even remember off-hand what was in there. It’s main purpose is to hold my printer & printing supplies (on top). It was full of junk, junk, and more junk. I purged it off all the unnecessary paperwork and set several files aside to go into dh’s work area. I reclaimed the top drawer and half of the bottom drawer.
  • I listed some stuff for sale on HSLDA’s Curriculum Market.

So now the pictures for this week:

BEFORE – Ignore the rest of the picture and just focus on the bookshelf. Okay, you can look at the artwork on the wall, but ignore the rest. Did you find Jesus? He’s there.

AFTER – I discovered something very interesting. You may not know this, but I suspect you do, you can think about doing something for a long time, but thinking doesn’t hang shelves on the wall. Hanging shelves hangs shelves the wall. Hardware and screwdrivers are very essential too. (The globe is a gift from Lindsey.) — Look at all that space on the shelf now!

BEFORE – I don’t even know what to say, except that this is why I will be working in this room for a long time. The focal point in this picture is the top of the shelf. I know, it’s not much.

AFTER – I was able to clean up that unsightly mess on top of the shelf by organizing it in the reclaimed file cabinet space. Now I must resist the urge to put things up there. It’s so much nicer to look at…the bright spot in this area of the room.

DONATION BIN – This is my donation collection bin in the mudroom. It was emptied a few days after my mudroom attack and now it is being filled again.
Oh, there is so much to pitch just in this room alone. Some things I am struggling with Do I get rid of keep the Leap Pads my kids never play with? Or am I being premature? How do I pitch the unruly stacks of “artwork”? Which items deserve to claim the empty space on the newly cleaned shelf? It’s time again for me to stop thinking and starting working.

In case you missed my 1st week in the Itch to Pitch challenge CLICK HERE!


7 thoughts on “Itch 2 Pitch – 6.29.09

  1. I think you did well this week. I have to take baby steps as well, or else I get so bogged down in details I get overwhelmed.
    I came across your blog through your Happy Housewife Linky *)

    One idea in terms of the old art work. Have you considered making a collage. I did this with my childhood artwork. I picked my favorite parts from each picture and created a new piece of art with it. I did that as a child with my mother. Because I got to choose my favorite pieces/parts I didn’t feel it was a loss. Or another idea would be like a art coffee table book. Buy a plain notebook, sketch books are best and collage or cut to size and you then have a children’s art book. Have them sign the name as the author, and they will love it.

    We also did a similar project with sentimental clothing and textiles, think school t shirts, sport jerseys, ect. We kept all the important parts (LOGOS) and are working on a memory quilt.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. Those are wonderful ideas! I have recently started buying sketchbooks for my kids because the loose paper drawings were getting out of control. (I will have to take a picture of the piles for another blog post.) I like that collage idea very much. That would be a very fun project…let them sort out all the papers into their own piles and clip parts to save in their own scrapbook. —Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your ideas.

  2. Great job! I found you through The Happy Housewife, and it looks like my office/scraproom/schoolroom/storage etc! Except yours looks so(!) much better! I’m tackling ours, too, but I have boxes and boxes of Dh’s baseball cards to consider (one floor to ceiling stack and two huge boxes). Any ideas? Again great job!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. – Wow! That’s a LOT of baseball cards. My dh collects Star Wars stuff & coins, but he’s got nothing on that stack of your dh’s. Got any space under you bed for underbed storage boxes? That’s the only place I can think of (without seeing it all) that I might/would be able to store them out of sight but not ruin them.

  3. have you thought about photographing them and then saving them on a disk or making a photo book?

    great job on what you accomplished! I have to tackle a big area in little chunks or I get overwhelmed and quit.

    • Someone awhile back did mention photographing my kid’s artwork to me…and I have started doing that with larger items that I couldn’t save even if I wanted to. It’s a great idea. — If I could just put my family into cryo-statis for a few weeks, I could really get this junk under control. It’s so difficult to be productive when children and spouses (I only have one, didn’t mean to imply anything else) are constantly underfoot and undoing the progress. — But I press on…. — Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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