Product Review – ItzaBitza – 6.29.09

As a home educating mom of 4 and a wife to a technology guru, two things are prevalent in our house: researching & trying out new curriculum & learning tools and technology.

ItzaBitza is one of the most intriguing kid’s programs I have ever seen.

Most computer games of this genre make claims they never come close to delivering on. Our game bin is full of so-so and down-right disappointing wastes of money.

ItzaBitza, while it has a slight learning curve (no more than any good game), is so enjoyable. All of the integrated aspects (drawing, reading, following instructions, problem-solving, and creative play, etc.) was beyond my expectations. I especially enjoyed watching my children work independently, not requiring too much assistance from mom after the initial run through.

I downloaded the game last week at ItzaBitza.comand had my 6 yr old try it. I meant to have my 5 yr old try it out that day to, but we didn’t get around to it until this morning. Before long, the entire gang was crowded around the computer, each demanding a turn.

When they were finally done playing (3 hrs later), I interviewed them. Here’s what my crew had to say:

  • 10yr old boy says: “I though it was pretty cool and very interactive. Very fun! I liked how I was able to draw and how I could get a dog.”

  • 9yr old boy says: “I enjoyed playing ItzaBitza. It was fun to draw houses, find the mail, and get the packages. I liked building a doghouse too! And picking the flowers, making it rain on the flowers and the puppies. I liked all of it!”

  • 6yr old girl says: “I liked making a house, making a tree, and a sun and a cloud. I liked all the dogs.”

  • 5yo says: “I want to play it again! It was beautiful. I drawed everything.”

  • My Suggestions to Parents:

    1. Unless you only have teenagers, don’t let “PreK-K and up” steer you away from this game. The older kids enjoyed it just as much as the younger ones. There’s nothing “babyish” about it.
    2. Download the trial.
    3. If you or your child don’t like background music, turn it off under Options before you start the game. (I personally find most background music detracting & annoying.)
    4. Sit with the child the first time and make sure they understand the instructions. They’ll be off and running on their own before you know it.
    5. Watch/Listen and delight in their fun, enthusiasm, excitement and creative learning.

    My Playing Tips:

    • Make sure your child understands that we read text from left to right, top to bottom so they can move their mouse over the words in the proper order (it reads to them if they can’t).
    • Draw from the bottom up, i.e. the bottom box of the house first, then the roof or the tree trunk first, then the tree top, etc.
    • Click on the faded stars to see further instructions for completing a task, then the star will turn gold.
    • Some things must be drawn full size and in place (houses, trees), but other things can be drawn any size (piece of mail).

    Well, I hope you enjoyed our family review of ItzaBitza. You can download your free trial at You can also Follow the CEO, Margaret, on Twitter .

    Note: This was an independent, unsolicited product review.


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