The Great Bathroom Rug Dilemma of 09

Don’t know why I am blogging about this. Perhaps to get into better blogging habits. Or maybe someday I will need an answer to “why” I decided this in the first place.

Thanks to The Happy Housewife’s Itch To Pitch challenge, my brain is looking at everything in my house with decluttering lenses. So, I made a bold decision last night in regards to the kid’s bathroom. Yes, I’m locking the bathroom door and sending them into the backyard to dig their own latrine. No, not really. Although it would probably be cleaner.

After a few days of gazing at the bare floor, not being in any hurry to once again run the bathroom rugs thru the washer & dryer, I decided the rugs were not returning. The kid’s bathroom was the project in our Bathroom Mini ReMod a few months ago. Dh laid the tile & the more I look at it, sans rugs, the more I wonder why I’ve been so bent on bathroom rugs in the first place. Initially, I think the rugs were a way to distract one’s attention from the yucky old laminate underneath.

These bathroom rugs have plagued me, for various reasons, ever since we did our remod.

  1. They are okay rugs, but not great. I’ve always got them in the back of my mind whenever I walk thru Smarget or BB&B. But I never find anything to replace them with, so my discontent lingers and grows.
  2. The new vanity cabinet has a bottom toe-kick drawer, which I use to store toilet paper & various other bathroomy things to help declutter my linen closet. The drawer cannot be opened with the rug in place.
  3. Every time I move the rug to open the bottom drawer, I groan with parental disgust at what’s under the rug. It’s usually soaked from someone’s Barbie sink-bath or my children’s inability to keep water in the sink and not on the counter and the floor. So, into the mudroom it goes once again (I already mentioned my dislike for washing these rugs).
  4. I have taken to removing these rugs any time my girl’s take a bath because they ignore my please to keep the water in the tub.

The floor is beautiful all on it’s own and with the way this bathroom is (ab)used, I’m done worrying about these rugs or any replacement rugs. So, I will wash & dry them one final time & pack them into my donation bin.

And as for the masterbath rugs…I will ponder their disposal when we tackle our mini remod in there.


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