Praise God’s Awesomeness

This was the dark ominous sky above me as I began painting the 2nd coat on my back patio this afternoon.


Exhausted & sore from yesterday’s first coat, I silently cried out to God. I know my painting my patio is insignificant & it seems rather selfish to ask You to do such an awesome work for a deeply flawed individual like me for such a meaningless task, but please God, hold back the rain. I am powerless against your Creation, but I know You, the Creator & I believe that You can hold back the rain & that if You will hold back the rain I will share Your awesomeness to bring glory & honor to Your name.”

The dark sky hung right over my roof….the center stretched toward the ocean. It should have poured, but it didn’t. God held back the rain, so that I could share how awesome God the Creator is & how awesome His power over His Creation is.


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