Meal Time Conversation

Our 4 kids constantly provide us amusement (when they are not making us pull our hair out & lose our voices) with their questions, -isms, pretend worlds, etc. Since I am having a rather challenging day, I thought it would be good for me to revisit & share a recent meal time conversation so I can refocus my mind with a humorous event.

There are a few bits of information that you must know before you read the actual conversation:
1) I am reading Proverbs nightly to our children corresponding to the day of the month.
2) Proverbs gives many warnings against marrying a “contentious” or “nagging” wife.
3) DH always tries to be funny, but doesn’t always pull it off.
4) I always try to out-do him with a comeback.
5) Children process information very differently.
6) I’ve recently stopped taking Singulair as it was causing me anxiety & depression and it’s withdrawal symptoms were worse than when taking the medication.

DH: “How are your feeling?”
Me: “Much better. The anxiety thankfully went away after only a few days.”
DH: “Well (pause) you’re still very contentious.”
Me: “Hey, it’s not my fault you didn’t read your Bible (before we got married).”
DH & Me: [Laughter]
9yo son (to DH): “What? You had a Bible?”

As a famous comedian says, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

And thanks to my prayer warrior friends; tempers calmed, behavior improved, and we had a very productive day!


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