17: The Birthday of My Dreams – Part One: The Long Expected Party

Anne-Marie’s Notes: I am so very excited to have my daughter, Lindsey, graciously writing some guest posts for my blog about our 2009 AZ Trip. Of course, no arm twisting was needed for the talented author to compile the tale.

If you have not already, you might want to read the Adoption Story to get a better understanding of our relationship.

Part One is broken down into 4 segments: Preface, The Meeting, The Long Expected Party, & The Adventure.

The Long Expected Party (Lord of the Rings, anyone?)

At long last we were settled into our hotel! We were in creekhouse 1, right on Oak Creek, and the Shaffer’s were nestled in creekhouse 21, literally right above us. Allie and I had spent the last several hours “babysitting” the kids while Anne-Marie had unpacked the rental car. By the time we made it to our creekhouse, Dad had unloaded all of our stuff and taken it upstairs to our loft. For our own sanity and privacy, Allie and I shared the loft upstairs, while my parents had “full reign” over the entire main level of the creekhouse. And besides, we wouldn’t keep them up late if we decided to stay up until 2 a.m.!

After dinner, we headed back up to the Shaffer’s headquarters. It had been raining, so everything was wet and dripping. Feeling goofy, I snuck into the creek house, motioning to Anne-Marie to be quiet. I crept up on the munchies as they ran spastically around the room. Then I leapt forth, screaming like a banshee.

My 6 year old sister, Helena screamed and exclaimed, “You scared me!”
My 5 year old sister Danni gave an exhilarated yelp and ran into my arms. “You’re back! You’re back!”

The munchies soon had Allie and I deeply involved in a Star Wars/Mission Impossible battle game on the back porch. Suddenly, Helena’s shoe went flying over the railing and into the forest. She gave a cry and began weeping bitterly.
Allie jumped into mission impossible mode! She dramatically swung herself over the railing, dropping herself with Elfish ease to the ground just below the porch. She quickly retrieved the shoe, handed it to the sobbing munchie, and swung herself back onto the porch.

Sometime after that we headed back inside for…a birthday party. Yes, we were 11 days late, but I didn’t care at that point. I was in Sedona, sitting at a table with my birthfamily and Allie, with a carrot cake sitting in front of me. We had no candles, nor did I need to blow them out. Not only would blowing out the candles not grant my wish in the first place, but I no longer had any need to blow them out. My wish had already been granted by someone much more powerful than seventeen pieces of decorative wax sticking out of my carrot cake. I believe that only God could’ve pulled this whole thing together, because it seemed impossible from an earthly perspective (as stated earlier). But He pulled everything together in a way none of us, leastways me, myself and I could’ve expected. (Believe me, the birthday party part was only the slow beginning to the most exciting trip to Sedona I have ever had. Please keep reading).

Next Installment: The Adventure


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