17: The Birthday of My Dreams – Part One: The Adventure

Anne-Marie’s Notes: I am so very excited to have my daughter, Lindsey, graciously writing some guest posts for my blog about our 2009 AZ Trip. Of course, no arm twisting was needed for the talented author to compile the tale.

If you have not already, you might want to read the Adoption Story to get a better understanding of our relationship.

Part One is broken down into 4 segments: Preface, The Meeting, The Long Expected Party, & The Adventure.

The Adventure

Allie and I, along with some of my close friends back in Tucson, had filmed an amateur film back in March of 2009. I had sent it to Anne-Marie for mother’s day. My 9 year old brother Gabe also saw the movie which Allie and my other friends and I had created, and – being a wonderful human sponge – he absorbed and was inspired. He had to make a movie!

So, now in Sedona, with his three other siblings, big sister Lindsey, and Allie, he found his chance. He grabbed the family camera and I helped him attach it to my tripod.

Suddenly feeling an element of freedom, Gabe began to direct us, “Helena do this; Danni do that; Allie and Lindsey, pretend to be sleeping on the bed”. My 10 year old brother Nate was manning the camera. The film would be called “The Adventure”. It was about these people who get sent on a mission by the president (Nate) to find a treasure.

The only downside was that Allie, my friends back in Tucson and I had made a WW2 movie, in which the Germans were bad. They were referred to as “Nazis” throughout the movie, but somewhere in there, I guess we must have mentioned that the Nazis were Germans. Now I have nothing against Germans – being, myself, part German. But we failed to communicate the message that “all Germans aren’t Nazis”. All the Munchies – being only four of the many human sponges in the world – understood that to mean that all Germans are evil. So, guess who the bad guys were – Germans.

Altogether, the Munchies did a good job of putting everything together. They were really good actors for only being 10, 9, 6, and 5.

We were having a blast filming with the munchies, when Mom and Anne-Marie came in and told us it was time to go to bed. So we said “good-night” to the Munchies and returned to our creekhouse for the night. We would have to finish the Adventure later.

More of the story coming soon!


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