Works-For-Me Wednesday : Saving Sour Cream

First time WFMW blogger here. Just thought I would warn you. This isn’t going to be the greatest post in the entire blogging world, but there was much rejoicing in my kitchen this morning…all by me, of course, and void of any musical accompaniment…but nonetheless.

Something in my fridge has been nagging me for awhile now. Sour Cream. More specifically, two unopened containers of sour cream with seemingly no hope of being used by their “best by” date (of yesterday…10.20.09).

Guess what? According to the experts at O Chef which I linked to from

Unopened, commercially produced sour cream has a shelf-life of 45 to 60 days (Land O’Lakes-brand sour cream has a shelf life of 120 days), and certainly two or three weeks beyond the sell-by date.

You can freeze the sour cream (and we get about a dozen questions each day asking about that), but it will separate and not be the same when it thaws. If you’re just going to stir it into a soup or cook with it, that should be fine. If you intend to serve it as recognizable sour cream — say, on a baked potato — it will be disappointing.

Hey! That WORKS FOR ME!!!…since I only tend use sour cream in baking.

So, I thought I would share that glorious news in case someone else has some unopened sour cream with fast approaching “best by” date and no immediate plans to use it.

Works For Me Wednesday blog meme is hosted by We Are THAT Family:


PS – See my Follow-Up to see how freezing the sour cream worked out when I used it.


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