Just for the Joy of It : My Top 25 Joys in Life

I could not resist the invitation to participate in Sharon’s blog meme about joy. Laughter is my favorite part of life. My day is not complete unless I have made someone else laugh. However, not having anything particularly joyful prepared, I had to sort of quickly decide what I should write concerning joy in my life. So, I decided to write briefly about the top things in my life that brings me joy! It’s not perfectly ordered, but the one’s that matter most are.

25) Losing weight – and keeping it off
24) Feeling better than I did the year before – more productive, more organized, more prepared
23) Being told I have a nice singing voice
22) Discovering new talents, developing new skills
21) Being a SAHHSM
20) Being able to make someone’s day thru something as simple as kindness
19) Getting thru the day without having killed anyone
18) Having people compliment my children on their manners
17) The stunned response from an employee when I bring the shopping cart back into the store
16) Having strangers tell me I look good
15) Having my husband tell me that I look good
14) My church family
13) Having a 60 yr man say to me (36), “I’ll defer to your knowledge.”
12) Getting responses to my blog
11) Making new friends thru social media
10) My Durango!
9) Starbucks – Grande, Non-fat w/whip Mocha.
8 ) Christian Rock & Heavy Metal – rocking out for Jesus!
7 ) Being a homeowner – I love home improvement projects
6 ) M – my youngest & funniest child – never ceases to make me smile (unless she’s being defiant and/or disobedient…and sometimes that’s even funny too). She even howls at the moon just because she can.
5 ) Q – always on the go -dancing & twirling & running & jumping & hopping & singing & drawing &…the list goes on – and oh, soooo drah-MA-tic. Hang nails & sucking chest wounds receive equal emphasis.
4 ) I – a lover & a fighter. He has always been extremely affectionate, but he loves to butt heads with me. As a toddler, he always wore a ski cap (we live in Florida). After we watched the first Spiderman movie, he pulled his ski mask over his nose, grabbed the sides of my head and kissed me on the lips…very slowly. And his love of hats protected his head when he fell head-first into an open pit fire at my in-laws.
3 ) G – 11 and not afraid of Mommy cooties. What he lacks in stealthiness, he makes up for in boisterous laughter. My little evangelist has been telling adults about Jesus since he was 5 or 6. Truly a light in a dark world.
2 ) Being blessed by God – particularly as it pertains my daughter, Lindsey, whom I have had the joy of knowing, seeing grow up, and even vacationing with. I never could have fathomed the blessings God would bestow on me…the depths of peace in my life…for listening and heeding His call to place her in the loving arms of a waiting family.
1 ) Growing in a personal relationship with the Savior who died for my sins!

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6 thoughts on “Just for the Joy of It : My Top 25 Joys in Life

  1. YAHOOO!!!! What a wonderful list. So much to bring us JOY! (and I got a good chuckle out of #19!).

    Isn’t it wonderful to pause for a moment and look at all the GOOD stuff?!

    Really glad you joined in – you brought me some joy too!

  2. I love your list of joys. I would agree with you 100% about #9. With only 3 Starbucks in all of Geneva and all of them 3 times as expensive as American Starbucks – a Grande Non-Fat Mocha WITH whip is a HUGE joy!

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