Adoption Day 2010

Today, January 7th, 2010, we adopted the newest member of our family. His name is Tyler and he’s 4 months old.



Tyler thinks G's pants are tasty.

He really likes this sofa. He's spent much of his first hours here on it.

Tyler likes to play with G & the mouse on the string.

This is a momentous occasion as we have never had a family pet other than fish which have been solely dh’s responsibility. And even though dh has never been a cat person, this was his idea. Oh the things that men will do for their little girls!

So far, he seems to favor my oldest (G) and my youngest (M)…aside from dh & me. (I) & (Q) are weird with animals though they were fine when we played with the cats at the humane society. I’m sure both will warm up to him very soon. And miracle of all miracles, (Q)’s room has never…and I mean absolutely NEVER…been so clean as it was after we brought the kitten home. I guess she took us serious about the damage the kitten could do to things left unattended.

Well, we’re all pretty excited about this new adventure. And it’s a gonna be a very long night…..


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