Scary Numbers

What I am about to show you is not for the faint of heart. Please keep your hands and legs inside the car at all times. Do not attempt to exit the ride until it comes to a full & complete stop.

Without further delay, allow me to demonstrate what a year of uncontrolled spending (groceries, eating out, & Starbucks) looks like.



Of that amount:

$9,394.76 was spent on groceries

$4,324.93 was spent at restaurants

that leaves $1,171.45 that was spent at Starbucks

Yes, the Starbucks data was a big shock to me. I freely admit that we go to Starbucks quite a bit, but I never imagined how much it was costing us. When I relayed the Starbucks information to my coffee-fanatic husband, he replied, “I guess we should stop going to Starbucks.” Well, I’m certainly glad he agrees with me on that. In fact, we haven’t been to Starbucks since the beginning of the new year because our church was beginning a 21 day fast & both dh and I have some health goals we’re trying to achieve. And, well, Starbucks…even with the healthy options…doesn’t fit together with those health goals.

Our annual grocery budget is $7800. That’s a hefty number in itself. However, there are 6 of us and that only boils down to $150 per week. But we spent more than $7000 over our annual budget in all combined areas and almost $1600 of that at the grocery store).

Additionally, we were only supposed to eat out once per month in 2009, but that’s apparently ($4,324.93) not what happened.

It took me awhile to compile these totals, but I knew that I would need to know what we had spent to be able to reduce our spending this year & in the years to come. Since I began couponing in late June 2009, I have seen a difference. Not so much in what is spent on groceries, but rather how my cupboards are bursting with food.

My goal this year is to continue in these efforts…saving, stockpiling, and reducing unnecessary spending. Hopefully, in a few days or so, I will be able to share what was spent on everything in January 2010 so we can see how we’re doing.

This might seem like an odd thing to share since it’s really rather personal, but I have learned from other bloggers I admire that this kind of transparency is beneficial to both the blogger and the reader. For me it’s like beating my best score, in a declining fashion. And maybe there is at least one person who can find something useful in it.


2 thoughts on “Scary Numbers

  1. yep. this is really shocking when you see the numbers and you imagine what you could have actually done with that money. I commend you for saving these receipts and adding them up. that’s worth a merit badge right there! i hope to read more about how things will change – as they will be very inspirational for me!

    • Thank you. I didn’t actually save the receipts last year…which means there is plenty of unaccounted cash spending I couldn’t even estimate for this. What I did was went thru every bank acct & credit card statement & compiled the transactions that way. And that’s, as you can see, bad enough!

      But now, I am diligently saving my receipts & recording every transactions.

      Thanks again for the encouragement!

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