2010 Family Portrait…and more

2010 Family Portrait

Our most recent family portrait…as drawn by dd, Q (age 7).

Tyler is the kitten we adopted on January 7th of this year.

Lindsey is my daughter that I wrote about in my Adoption Story series. She also writes guest posts about our May 2009 vacation to Northern AZ.

“Flower” is sort of an imaginary friend of Q. But rather than merely have imaginary friends, Q ‘becomes’ that character by dressing up, talking about herself in the 3rd person, and even using foreign accents. Yesterday, I had ‘Sarah’ helping me hang a new shelf & cost rack. She was visiting Q…and as the story goes Q let her in via the bedroom window. In the real world, that could be a concern, but the only way these windows will ever open is if we throw something through them. ‘Sarah’ is Barbie’s enemy. Q was concerned that Barbie does not know Jesus, so she invented ‘Sarah’. Despite all of Q’s Bible training & conversion methods, Barbie apparently is still a little heathen.

“L” is a real-life friend of Q…and the first time I saw her picture, I returned to show her dad a picture of Q. They were nearly identical.

And I just have to mention that DH has blond hair not black hair as depicted and never longer than .5 inch. Oh, yeah, DH would NEVER wear a pink tie. “I” does not have blue hair either. He would die first. His hair is brown like mine & “M”s. “G” also would die before having green hair. He is blond. We can split into teams of 3 easily: boys against girls or if we want to shake things up and have different teams we can do blonds vs brunettes.

I share this drawing and it’s footnotes because I am just in awe of the talent God has bestowed upon my children. I could wallpaper these 2500 sq ft with just the good art they produce and still have plenty left over. I can recall drawing two pieces of free-hand art in my youth. So, these little drawings are such a daily blessing to me, just like the one’s who draw them.


4 thoughts on “2010 Family Portrait…and more

  1. Imaginary friends must run in the family! I had at least three that I can remember off the top of my head from age 4 until at least age 7 or 8. But, to me, THEY WERE REAL! Oh, yes, and I had an imagniary sister at one point!

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