Beautiful Blogger Award

     A wonderful surprise was waiting for me in my inbox the other day, a Beautiful Blogger Award from Michelle at SomeGirl’sWebsite. Sadly, I couldn’t respond with an immediate post.
But THANK YOU so much, Michelle!

     This sort of reminds me of a pay-it-forward, getting-to-know others, fun game for bloggers.

     The rules for the award are as follows: The recipient of the award thanks & links the person who gave them the award, then chooses 7 bloggers to pass the award on to, shares 7 things about themselves and finally, notifies each new recipient to let them know they’ve been given a Beautiful Blogger Award.

     The 7 bloggers I chose to send this Beautiful Blogger Award to are:

Pages of D
The Happy Housewife
Roscommon Acres
Life Nurturing Education
Mom’s Toolbox
Guilt-Free Homeschooling
Five J’s

Now, for the 7 things about me:
1) I enjoy home improvement projects.
2) I like being an adult more than I ever liked childhood.
3) I talk way too much and way too long at every opportunity.
4) Sarcasm is my native tongue.
5) I was an extra in a movie.
6) I agonized for 7 months over which baseboards I wanted.
7) I know my Redeemer lives!

So, there you have it.



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