A Mother’s Heartbreak

Every mother has fears for her children. There are the day-to-day worries, big and small. Will my child remember what they’ve been taught about strangers? Will they remember to brush their teeth? Then there are the long-term fears. What kind of adult will my child become? How will I respond if my child chooses a bad lifestyle?

For Christian mothers, there is the fear about our child’s faith Will they stay faithful, remembering what they have been taught? Or will they walk away from the Truth?

Today, I sat in a beauticians chair for 3+ hours. I have been using this woman for a few years now, though I admittedly only get my hair done 2-3 times per year. Over the course of our relationship, I’ve learned a few things about her. But today, she opened up her deepest pain to me.

I must admit that she caught me off guard. We talk about general life. We talk about politics. We talk about the weather. We talk about whatever we hear other people in the salon talking about. So, I was not really prepared for what she revealed to me seemingly out of the blue. In fact, not only was I speechless (yeah, I know…me, speechless), but I didn’t know why she chose to tell me.

As I continued to reflect on the conversation, I think I figured out why she told me. See, thanks to the flu & then losing my voice from allergies, I am two weeks behind my Bible in 90 Days reading. Knowing that I would have 3 hours in the salon, not knowing how much of that time I would be by myself, I took my Bible. I think the presence of God’s Word comforted her, encouraged her, or had some other influence on her decision to share a painful story.

Several years ago, she owned a salon in a nearby city. She relocated it when her rent was increased. The salon was then next to a pizzeria owned by a Palestinian man.

Her biggest mistake, her deepest regret, is that she allowed her 15 year old daughter to work for the man. Shortly thereafter, her daughter revealed that she had been converted to Islam by this man. She was instructed by the Islamic Center not to read anything her mother gave her and she was told that her mother had, in fact, not raised her right.

She tried to pursue the matter legally, but was told that her daughter was 15 and there was nothing that could be done. However, she did warn the man (who was 35 at the time) to stay away from her daughter. Four years later, when her daughter was 19, they married.

Today, they have 3 children and have all but alienated her mother. Once when she visited, her then 4 year old grandson told her “All Christians are bad.” She begged her daughter not to poison the minds of the children. Of course, the daughter deflected by saying, “You just don’t accept me.” “How ironic,” I told her “because they are clearly the ones who aren’t accepting you.”

Now, I have imagined all sorts of horrors as a mother. I’ve had people pose unsavory hypothetical questions about my children as adults. And there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t ponder their future..in fear…sometimes in disgust. While I am doing my best to instill in them the Bible, righteous living, and fear and reverence of the Lord, I know that only they ultimately will make their eternal choices.

One’s child walking away from God is disturbing enough. How much more is having one’s child walk away from Christianity to join a religion that breeds hatred. Now you can see why I was speechless.

After she told me her story and shared her daily pain, her constant prayers for her daughter and her grandchildren, I decided to share her story here on my blog. This is a battle to be fought on our knees. So, I am bringing this great need for prayer to anyone who is lead to pray for them.

Thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Heartbreak

  1. Seeing my son following Jesus as he gets grows into manhood is one of my deepest desires. I can’t even begin to imagine this mother’s heartache. Thanks for sharing her story. I will definitely be praying.

  2. I felt sorry for what happened. I know that she’d suffered too much pain from her daughter and her daughter’s husband and now she’s hurting because of her grandchildren. I’ll be praying for her too.

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