Walmart Lowers Prices – Don’t Believe It

For over 3 yrs, I avoided Walmart. My specific reasons aren’t important to this post. However, in an attempt to have the lowest grocery bills possible, I had to concede that sometimes I needed to shop there. I have a very short list of things I buy at Walmart if I cannot get a better price at Publix.

My list includes:

    Chocolate Syrup
    Hotdog Buns
    Frozen Pizza
    Cary’s Syrup
    Hot Cocoa
    Bottled Water

The recent reports of Walmart (by Walmart to the MSM) lowering prices intrigued me. I have been shopping my short list at Walmart for about 6 months now and I have documented some very interesting trends. Prices fluctuate weekly, since they don’t mark many things, if any, as “sales”, one who is blindly buying will never see the cost change right before their eyes.

Over the winter holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s), butter was cheaper. In January, it became less of a great buy for me. I can get a better deal & better butter by waiting for a name brand at Publix to go on sale and use coupons to boot. Milk has been relatively lower by about 30-50 cents, but recently that gap has closed significantly. Frozen pizza…which was one of the first things that drew me back to Walmart was at a stable price for several months. Then it shot up by nearly $2! And it seems to move from day to day.

What’s most intriguing about this latest report is that the most significant increases I have seen in the past 6 months have been since this news of “lowering prices” came out. Suddenly, the hot cocoa which was 96 cents was now $1.28…making it cheaper to buy the name brand in the bulk box than the GV brand in the smaller box. The name brand hot cocoa had been only $1 per box of 10, but was recently $1.48. The GV hotdog buns are now the same price or more than the Publix brand hotdog buns. Water is always, always, always poorly marked at my Walmart. It’s still cheaper, even in the name brand, than when on sale at Publix, but it’s annoying that it’s not clearly marked.

My short list is only a small sample, but there is a reason my list is not longer. Walmart isn’t always cheaper! It was my journey into couponing that showed me this. I priced my staples list and found Walmart to be the same price or even higher on most items. For example: I am much better off waiting for sales at Publix for paper goods & cleaning products.

This report of “lower prices” really bothers me because I know many people who shop at Walmart because they feel they can’t afford to shop anywhere else. Couponing does take effort…a lot of effort most days, but even without couponing, just knowing your prices at your grocery stores & watching a few circulars can save you a lot of money over Walmart alone.

So, don’t be fooled by this nonsense that Walmart is lowering prices. It’s just a marketing gimmick. They raise and lower prices every day of the week! And rest assured, if I discover that they have truly lowered prices, I will let you know (and someone else will likely even beat me to it).



2 thoughts on “Walmart Lowers Prices – Don’t Believe It

  1. Interesting. I too only buy a few things at Walmart– things that I can’t get at Aldi (Aldi is ALWAYS cheaper). The things I do buy though are off products– coconut oil, unbleached flour, and a specific brand of peanut butter that doesn’t have stuff my food allergic kids can’t tolerate. Those three things always cost the same, other things though I have not checked because I avoid buying more than I have to there and like I said– Aldi is always cheaper (at least ours is–I know because I have watched for a long time). On the other hand, I never use coupons because despite watching for them they never have coupons for the items we use regularly, and those for the other things are seldom cheaper than Aldi.

    • Thanks for your comment! — Unfortunately, we don’t have an Aldi’s. If we did, I would definitely see what I could save by shopping there. — That’s exactly how I used to feel about coupons and I know it is how many people feel about coupons. The Sunday paper seems to be full of one’s no one uses. Somehow though, through learning how to use them and where to look for them aside from the usual places, coupled with using store sales, I save between 45-65% every week…translated, I bring home twice as much as what I pay for. — I recommend you look around just to see if you’re missing out on anything. It does take some time to get into a coupon method & routine, but my pantry, extra food storage space, and laundry supply cabinet are bursting in less than 1 yr since I got serious about saving money and stockpiling.

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