Old Family Tradition – New Family Business

I’ve recently returned from Pennsylvania where I was privileged to learn the candy-making secrets of Grandma Ida. Grandma Ida, my husband’s paternal grandmother, has been making hand-dipped chocolates since the 1940’s! No one in the family, until now, has held her recipes.

While I’m not faulting anyone, no one else has had the interest in carrying on her tradition. Well, that’s not entirely true. She also had no interest in letting just anyone have the recipes. But of the people she would have given her secrets to, they just don’t have the time or the desire to do it.

Enter me. I love to learn new things. And my father-in-law has been asking me for years to come up while Grandma is doing candy so I can learn to do it. A few months ago it was decided that it was now or never. So, I gave up my plans to go to Hawaii (alone) for the opportunity to learn to make Grandma’s candies.

Long story short, it wasn’t a picture perfect week, but the candy-making effort was so successful that we’re now moving forward in starting a family business.

There are lots of things that I am researching and working to pull together to get this endeavor launched. One of the most important things, in my opinion, is the right name. That’s where you come in. I am asking you to cast a vote http://twtpoll.com/r/zqjg2e for the most appealing name on the list. Could you do that for me? Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Christian, homeschooling mom to 4, Republican Club Officer, local campaign manager, life-long-learner, home-birther, birthmother, ….and now candy-maker.


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