Open Letter to “Maya” at Chervon/Texaco

Attn: Maya Pendleton, Director, Credit Card Marketing

Dear Maya:

I am in receipt of your note that accompanied the pre-approved Official Chevron and Texaco Credit Card Authorization Document. Your note implored me to provide you with an immediate response.

Your note begins, “Frankly, I’m puzzled that you would say “no” to this offer. You’re already Pre-Qualified and there is no annual fee…”

While it is great to be Pre-Qualified…I tend to take that as a good sign that my credit rating is pretty good..let me explain why I am declining this offer:

#1 – Chevron & Texaco have some of the most outrageous gas prices I’ve ever seen.

#2 – We had a Texaco station in my city for a very long time. It closed about a year or so ago. I don’t know really because it was SO expensive that I NEVER refueled there.

#3 – I don’t have a clue where a Chevron station even is.

#4 – I do most of my driving locally and hence I do most of refueling locally. Even earning 20 cents per gallon up to $300 in the first 60 days of using this gas card isn’t worth trying to locate a station to use the card at…which is apparently no where near where I normally refuel.

#5 – 26.99% APR – HA HA HA – That’s sort of an insult after the accolades of being “Pre-Qualified”.

Well, I hope, Maya, that after reading my letter here that I have unpuzzled you as why I must decline. Yup. This is going straight into the shredder.

Thank you for your time.


Anne-Marie Shaffer
Director of Credit Card offers to the Slaughter Box


One thought on “Open Letter to “Maya” at Chervon/Texaco

  1. Dear maya,
    Franly im puzzled that you send me an offer for a gas credit card and pre approved me so that i could save 300.00.I am a bussiness owner and buy 10,000 worth of gas a year.So three hundred dollars is not a very appealing deal for me considering your gas is higher than everyone else.
    thankyou scott reavis with waymire mechanical.

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