Diagnosis: RA (part 4)

Since going on Prednisone for 3 days (Tues-Thurs) this week, I have been off my typical daily routine of Ibuprofen in the morning & Ibuprofen & Aspirin at bedtime. On Friday I started with a once-a-day prescription dose (sample) of Naprelan (naproxen sodium).

To my surprise, I found myself very swollen & tired on Friday & Saturday. Sunday morning at 4 am I was starting to get concerned. Not only was the swelling worse than my normal RA swelling, but I felt this heaviness on my chest. I had this sense that if I was asthmatic, that I would be calling 911. Actually, this heaviness was felt throughout my body. All of my limbs felt like they were filled with lead.

Since the boys were away camping, I decided I could afford to sleep in later on Sunday with only the girls & myself to worry about. I dragged myself out of bed at 8:30 am, grabbed another carton of the Naprelan, found the insert & read “May cause Heart Failure due to Fluid Retention”. Oh, great!

At that, I didn’t know what to do. Do I just not take the Naprelan & everything will be okay? Do I need medical attention? Can I take something else for the pain or for the swelling?

I sent out a prayer request via my phone & prayed that I would just get this junk out of my system without any further side-effects. Here I was, worried about what Prednisone could do to me without giving a 2nd thought to Naprelan. Why should I? My experience with steroids has not been positive. Yet, I have taken OTC naproxen numerous times without any problems.

After church, the girls & I went to the grocery store. Since I didn’t think this was of an ER nature & knew I couldn’t speak to the Rheumatologist until Tuesday, I stopped in to CVS to talk to the pharmacist. He immediately directed me to the diuretics. Interestingly, I already take a water pill to help with normal RA swelling, but per the insert, Naprelan negates diuretics.

So, no more Naprolan for me! And hopefully I can get some relief from the swelling & pain by going back to my regular routine of OTCs for now. For the long haul, for many reasons, I’m still seeking nutritional healing…and maybe a Rheumatologist who is closer to home (as I’m sure more tests are in my future).

In the mean time, something I am determined to do, after reading other RA blogs (thank you DreamsNColor for the RA connections), is to make a complete list with names, doses, etc. of EVERYTHING I take…whether it be on an as-needed basis, natural supplement or whatnot. I have come to realize that this information is VITAL to have in order. I cannot simply rely on my memory or clear communication with every practitioner.

Until my next RA update…


2 thoughts on “Diagnosis: RA (part 4)

  1. Thank you! That’s the main reason I write. In hopes to help others. I’m on cloud 9 knowing that I’ve helped you! I’m sorry to hear that you had such a scary experience. You just never know how you’re going to react to medications or how things might interact with each other. I’m hoping you’ve gotten some relief!

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