Why I Am a Republican

With the FL primary coming up next Tuesday, I have politics on the brain. Well…okay…I always have politics on the brain, but the closer we come to a pivotal political date I tend to dwell on the subject even more.

My parents were Reagan Democrats, but still essentially supported the Democratic Party for quite awhile. Once, I asked my dad what the difference was between the Democrats & Republicans. He told me that Democrats were the party of the people and that the Republicans were just a bunch of rich people.

That was the day I decided it seemed more logical to be a Republican. Really, who doesn’t want to be rich?

A few years later, like many young 20’s college students, I “thought” I was a liberal. I can’t specifically say “why” since everything I believed stood in direct conflict to liberal ideology. I had been fighting a battle of religious conviction with the public school system since I re-entered it in 9th grade.

College was absolutely no different in many respects. English 102 was supposed to be about essay writing, but all of our grades seemed to hinge of whether the instructor agreed with our research. She gave me a D on a paper because I violated her rule of not using the Bible as a source and because the findings of my research didn’t validate her liberal opinion.

Where’s the tolerance for my opinions and beliefs?

Something else was confusing me on a daily basis. After certain classes, I would go home to eat lunch & do homework before heading to my full-time job. During that time I somehow landed on the Rush Limbaugh television show. Although the media had been droning on for a good while about how much they hated Rush Limbaugh and how horribly wrong he was, I found myself agreeing with everything he said. How could this be?

Sadly, work and college and young married life drowned out time for much dwelling on political issues. I’m not even sure if I voted in the first election that went to Clinton. I never liked him and pitied Hillary at first. I did like Tipper Gore’s efforts to protect children from inappropriate lyrics & unnecessary violence (even if I regularly enjoyed ripping my husband’s spine out playing Street Fighter).

It would be several years (1999 to be exact) before my (now) husband was listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio while he worked at home. I remember saying, “Why are you listening to that guy?” It had been years since I watched his tv show, but his name had filled the airwaves…usually in conjunction with the wailing & gnashing of teeth of media personas. In those 6 years, I guess I had never had time to process Hey, I agree with this guy and all of the negativity about in him in the media.

Of course, the more we listened, the more we heard someone who spoke to the things that mattered to us. Eventually, I became a Republican firmly planted in ideals & beliefs rather than just one for a logical path to wealth. Actually, my ideology and beliefs were already grounded in Faith, but I had yet to began building my political house.

Back in my youth, probably at the same time my dad explained the difference between Democrats & Republicans, I was also told that politics are taboo for conversation. Wow! What a false bill of goods we were sold! Of course liberals didn’t and don’t want average people discussing politics. They don’t want us to question how they waste taxpayer funds, the bureaucracy, and especially do not want the people to hold them accountable. Thinking & discussing issues, problems & solutions are offensive to them.

Well, I’m here to say that Political Discussions are Essential to Every American! Politics are NOT taboo. It’s like avoiding the topic of sex with our children. We all know how we got here, wouldn’t be here without sex, but we fear having to explain or admit it to our children. The longer you avoid the topic, the more likely you are to have a miseducated child via their peers or school or worse end up with a sexually experienced child with a disease or pregnant.

Avoiding politics when it affects so many aspects of your lives is simply irresponsible. If you fail to understand or if you have been miseducated, you are more likely to make crucial voting errors.

And I have a special message for fellow Christians because Christians have been lied to when it comes to politics. They’ve not only heard how taboo & impolite it is to discuss politics, but they’ve been told wrongly that Christians shouldn’t be political. Christians need to understand that Politics is the Currency of Earth. Earth is where we live, where we fight evil daily. You cannot be passive to evil. You must be active in politics. You must be educated. How many political issues are of a pure evil nature? And you want to remain silent? No, Christians are not to be passive about political matters. Diligence. Wisdom. Prudence. These were the things that our forefathers adhered to. If you truly believe that much of what they did to establish America, removed from all other political structures in existence, was founded in Faith, then how can you continue to believe that Christians should not be involved in politics?

I am a Republican.

I am a Christian.

I am a Mother.

I am a Wife.

I stand for Freedom.

I defend the Constitution.

I demand Smaller, Less Intrusive Government.

I demand Fiscal Responsibility.

I demand Accountability & Oversight of Politicians.

I demand Term Limits in Congress.

I support State Sovereignty.

I support Secure Borders.

I believe there is no such thing as a job American’s won’t do.

I believe in Entrepreneurship.

I believe in Americans.

I believe in the American Dream.

I will VOTE accordingly.

I will Continue to Fight Socialism.

I am NOT AFRAID to stand up for what I Believe.


7 thoughts on “Why I Am a Republican

    • You probably thought I wouldn’t approve your comment. But I’ve got nothing to fear from your meaningless drivel. Perhaps next time you’ll actually make a point.

  1. Make a point…? Ha!

    The lefties are not about intellectual honesty, or facts.

    For them it is always ad hominem attacks and keeping everyone separate from one another (i.e. the races, the classes, the regions, etc.) and keeping everyone in line and in their ‘place’. Remember when ‘closed minded’ used to be always only associated with Republicans? One could surely NOT say that today.

    Today it is the Democrat Party that is the party of the ‘elites’ and the elite, class conscious wealthy. Conservatives are people who happen to vote Republican, but are truly about preserving the ideals of our Founders, the Constitution, accountability, liberty, ‘entrepreneurship’ and the American Dream.

    Is it November 2010 yet?

    Heck, I’m not looking past this coming November but is it 2012 yet?


    • Thanks for posting. — Well said. I agree wholeheartedly. I expect our new Congress to hit the ground running in January 2011 for the sake of America!

      • Yes, yes, a lot of work begins in January 2011, and we must make sure the Republicans know that we are going to hold their feet to the fire too. I know you know this, though.

        I probably didn’t make it clear above but it was a suggestion to check out the Breitbart website if you were not already aware of it. It’s a terrific resource and you can link your blog into the comment area. It’s a multi-faceted resource as well.

      • Absolutely! Accountability is the new black & we have to make sure Congress gets the memo. America got pushed off a cliff in 2008. We didn’t plunge into the abyss, but landed hard on a shaky ledge. We know that if we don’t climb back up to the top that death is certain. It’s not an easy climb by any means, but it is the only way we can have real hope that we can continue living.

        I’m aware of Breitbart, but thanks for the tip on linking my blog in the comments. 😀

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