Diagnosis: RA (part 5)

I apparently wrote this back in August & forgot to Publish it. Such is my life. I’m publishing it now because I have more to add to the saga.

Color me not happy.

After patiently waiting for a week for a return call from the Rheumatologist’s office regarding the Prednisone test, “I” had to call them again. Which in reality means little as I still had to wait for a return phone call.

The call finally came. And the immediate response from the Rheumatologist via the nurse is that I am to start taking the anti-malaria drug. Though I gave the nod & smile response, I have no intention of taking this medication. Especially since the Rheumatologist has yet to say, “Yes, you have RA.” All she has given me to date is excuses for why she can’t say whether it’s RA or not. (The title of my blog series comes from the diagnosis given by my GP.)

The nurse also indicated that I should “continue” taking Naprenal. At that point I spoke up, “I cannot take that. I swelled so bad after only two days that I almost called an ambulance.” She’s going to speak with the doctor.

At the end of the conversation I was told that I could expect swelling while taking Plaquenil, but I should take it as prescribed. Are you kidding me? The way to “treat” inflammation & swelling due to RA is to prescribe drugs that cause fluid retention which can lead to heart failure?

I spent the morning researching various nutritional sites with information specific to RA. Now, you can color me skeptical. The advice “specific” to RA was very non-specific in reality and more heavily based on a personal conviction rather than anything.


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