Nutritional Pursuits

Yesterday, November 17th, I began a guided nutritional program. By guided I mean that I’m not cluelessly flailing in the kitchen fending for myself. People are actually helping me. I’m following a nutritional plan where the boundaries and limits have been fully explained, but it’s still up to me to follow through using real foods…no pre-made meals.

Here’s what I posted on my Facebook page:

Pray for me. I just started a nutrition program today.

Okay…first day of this nutritional program has gone very well. I couldn’t adhere to it perfectly, but I’m not beating myself up about it. I ate as close to the nutritional plan as possible & I was never hungry. And I even developed a strategy to drink the water I’m supposed to. So, yay! If today was good, tomorrow will be even better. Thanks for the prayers & well wishing.

Well, today, day two, was just as good. Only difference is that I’m running out of fruits & veggies that are on my list (not every fruit & veggie is allowed right now). So I guess I need to do some shopping tomorrow.

I’ll be using this particular menu until Tuesday. Then Wednesday & Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) will be the beginning of the next phase. My goal is to post periodically about this nutritional plan, post my progress (ie weight loss & RA symptoms), and at the end, reveal the program.

Of course, my ultimate goal is not only to lose 50lbs & keep it off, but also develop better habits with food. Though it was medications that wrecked havoc on my body, it will be nutrition that brings me back to a healthy weight. The coming weeks & months should be thrilling!


4 thoughts on “Nutritional Pursuits

  1. Anne Marie just remember weight issues are a symptom of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Never deny yourself a food if you are craving it, just eat less. Then give yourself a little love for not over doing it. It is very easy when working to lose to get into self defeating talk when you do not follow the plan perfectly. Don’t do it. Do not weigh any more than every two weeks. Weight loss is not about the weight it is about eating and living to promote health. If you do this the weight and other issues will take car of themselves. I have lost and kept of over 200 pounds. I will be reading and cheering for you! Eat and live for health.

    Wally Bishop C.N.C.

  2. You’ll be amazed once you start getting into the new habits. It’s not hard – just different. You’ll feel so much better.
    And then after a while you’ll wonder how in the world you ever ate the stuff you used to eat. It will taste really nasty once you’re away from it for a while.
    Good things to come. Stick with it. It’s so worth it.

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