Oooooh, Chocolate

Day 2: My 21 Day Fast from Social Networking

I’m going to be thinking a lot about chocolate in 2011. We had some tasty success in the later part of 2010 making yummy candies in an effort to carry on my husband’s grandmother’s candy-making tradition. We want to make it a full-blown family business in the coming years. And we’ve got a lot of people urging us to take this to the next level.

The other day while I was researching something candy-related, I stumbled upon a Candy Expo. I got glossy-eyed. Normally, I would quickly dismiss by ability to attend such an event. The event is nowhere near Florida. But this is no ordinary year.

During the last week on 2010, I took an impromptu trip to visit family in Indiana for a surprise wedding. It was a real short trip…sadly. I flew up on Dec 27th & I was scheduled to come back Dec 29th. I ended up getting bumped from my flight, stayed an extra day and got a nice voucher.

The Candy Expo just happens to fall at a time that I could conceivably swing in from another trip which the voucher is helping to pay for. It’ll be awhile before I solidify my trip plans, but I’m excited for the future of furthering the family candy tradition.



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