Round & Round We Go

Day 3 – My 21 Day Fast from Social Networking

Switching to year-round homeschooling in 2009 made such a difference in our not only our homeschool, but our family. Registering with a private school for unschoolers where the only requirement is reporting attendance gave an added freedom. No longer were we trying to demonstrate yearly progress in a 3-ring binder and/or trying to cram for the end of the year. In areas where we used to struggle, the kids are now a grade ahead of their peers. And being free from my area of struggle (keeping portfolios for the district to review on a whim & for annual reviews), has allowed us to accomplish more.

In our family life, this schedule has allowed the greatest flexibility. We can take vacations in the off-season, host a long-term guest, and have wiggle room for life’s unexpected things. In year’s past life’s interruptions added to the difficulty of complying with the state’s portfolio requirements, being called for portfolio reviews, and just made it tougher to complete the curriculum by a prescribed date (to allow for the schedules of the certified teachers who did the annual portfolio reviews).

Homeschooling, like all educational venues, is not without it’s challenges. But these past 18 months have been the best homeschooling we’ve done since we started homeschooling 7 years ago. I thought it would be difficult to make such a change. I worried about a child-led revolt over the summer or wanting a long break for myself. What we’ve all found & realized is freedom & success.



One thought on “Round & Round We Go

  1. I’m rethinking the private school option. I really am…so happy that this 18 months has been freeing for you, that’s the whole point of homeschooling, right?

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