World Traveler – Not

Day 7 – My 21 Day Fast from Social Networking

Post a Day 2011 – Topic 1: List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.

Seriously, I find a good portion of this world very creepy. Don’t hate me. I’m only being honest.

It’s not the people of the world that creep me out, it’s the evil dictators and oppressive governments. This world would be a much better place without the few high-minded elitists that ruin life for everyone else. What kind of creep forces people to live in squalor while he lives in opulence? Too many creeps! The only thing standing in between prosperity and the rest of the world are those creeps…and the long-engrained creepy mentalities that keep the people from rising against the weasels. People are only hungry & poor in this world because of the creeps.

That said, there are 3 countries I would like to visit: Scotland, Australia, and Lichtenstein.

Why Scotland?

Men in kilts with thick Scottish accents.
I was single once.

Why Australia?

Sunbathing at Christmas & men with thick Australian accents.
When I was single, I was able to wear a bikini without scaring or scarring anyone.

Why Lichtenstein?</em

It’s a possible location of my ancestors.

Is it obvious? I’ll never be a globe-trotting, jet-setter. I have close to zero ambition to travel outside the USA. I’ve been to Canada and Mexico, so it’s not that I’ve never been outside the country. But I guess I’m just happy at home in the USA.



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