Day 9 – My 21 Day Fast from Social Networking

Post a Day 2011 – Topic 4: Share something that makes you smile

If you could only see & hear the things that make me smile, you might smile too.

My children, my cats, my husband on occasion, and life in general make me smile.

When I think of “smiling”, I think of laughing. I rarely smile without laughing. If it brings a smile to my face, laughter often follows. I love to laugh and my life is full of opportunities to laugh.

Children asking questions, dressing up, drawing, being creative beyond belief, belting out made-up songs while putting on a ‘show’ in the living room.

Cats sleeping in contorted positions, snuggling with children, with us, with each other, finding lost cats in armoires and dresser drawers, meows at 4am that say ‘I’m lonely’, ‘I’m hungry’, or ‘I want my litterbox cleaned’, cat races in the middle of the night, bird-watching from window sills, lizard-chasing.

My husband saying he’s never buying another video game, never playing WoW again, and will ask before he spends any money.

It also makes me smile to bring others to full-out laughter. My kids have asked why I’m so funny. Would you rather I cry? They don’t yet appreciate my humor. Maybe someday.



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