A Few of My Favorite Things: Old Movies

Day 11 – My 21 Day Fast from Social Networking

I’ll admit I wasn’t too excited when my husband started ordering movies from the 1930’s on our Netflix account. But it wasn’t long before the whole family eagerly piled on the leather sofa in family room to watch these old movies.

My absolute favorite movie series from the 1930’s is Nancy Drew. Bonita Granville plays Nancy with such excitement. She’s simply awesome! There is just so much to love from these movies that today’s audiences would be demanding more movies. Sadly, they only made four. But they are such a treasure.

Nancy Drew: Detective (Nov 1938)
Nancy Drew: Reporter (Feb 1939)
Nancy Drew: Trouble Shooter (June 1939)
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (Sept 1939)

Charlie Chan
has become a family favorite. How many children do you know personally who rave about a 1930’s character?

Technically, he’s not a 1930’s character. The character’s first appearance in a “talkie” was in 1929. Prior to that he had been in silent movies & featured in mystery novels by author Earl Derr Biggers as early as 1925.

Nonetheless, there were 21 Charlie Chan movies from 1931-1939 alone….and many more to follow. IMDB has a list of all the
Charlie Chan Movies.

Next up, Peter Lorre’s Mr. Moto. He is another crime-solving character. It’s interesting to note that Mr. Moto predates Casablanca. All of the Peter Lorre, Mr. Moto movies were made in the 1930’s.

Last, but not least, The Thin Man. More murder-mystery from the 1930’s with awesomely fun dialog between Mr. & Mrs. Charles. Hmmm…IMDB has an “in production” listing for The Thin Man in 2013. With so many remake failures & flops, talk about hard shoes to fill.

So, what about you? What are your favorite old movies?



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