A Few of My Unfavorite Things: Movies I Hated

Day 13 – My 21 Day Fast from Social Networking

This post will be short, but not very sweet. It’s a post about the movies that I have seen at the theater and absolutely HATED!

1st up: District 9
The movie would have better if it had no dialog at all. It practically had no dialog aside from the F-word, but no speaking at all would have been a significant improvement. Oh, by the way, we saw this when we went out for our anniversary date. At least dinner at 95 Cordova was worth remembering.

Next on my “movies I hated” list: Silent Hill
I routinely assure my kids that the fears of childhood fade as we become adults. The Freddy Krueger’s & Jason’s just don’t scare us like they used to because we have real fears to deal with like…politicians. AHHH! But it’s not just that I’m immune to scary movies, this movie was just not scary. It was weird, I’ll give it that. But, oh, such a waste of time & money.

We were on our way to the theater one night (it was my birthday), meeting a group of friends to share the evening with too, when my daughter in AZ called me. She asked what movie we were going to see. When I told her, she replied to the effect that the movie was pornographic. She had read the Plugged In online review. Since I wasn’t taking the kids, I hadn’t bothered to look up the reviews. And it was just another movie about a comic book. In hindsight, I guess it would have been nice to have been forewarned a lot sooner than when I was on the road of what The Blue Limpy Watchmen contained. Uh…yeah. Seriously? A scientist gets mutated & suddenly he can’t wear clothes…unless he’s in public, but yet the audience gets to see him in full-frontal blue limpy mode throughout the movie.

The blue limpy was only one of many things I hated about this movie. And it could have been such a great movie, but they just ruined it with all the in-your-face junk.

I’m shocked that I can only recall seeing 3 movies at the theater that I hated. I even asked my husband. He couldn’t think of anything else either. I supposed we’re pretty picky about the movies we see in the theater (and at home). We mostly go to the movies with the kids, so we I do a lot of research before we do take them to a movie.

What about you? What’s the worst movie you’ve seen in the theater?



One thought on “A Few of My Unfavorite Things: Movies I Hated

  1. The only movie I remember actually wanting my money back after seeing: Home for the Holidays. I always liked Holly Hunter and the previews looked good. Apparently, those previews showed every single ‘good’ second of the entire movie. The friend who accompanied me felt the same. We kept asking each other, ‘Why on earth did we sit through the whole thing?’ Train wreck syndrome. I reckon.

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