Stockpile to the Rescue

Day 14 – My 21 Day Fast from Social Networking

I started seriously couponing in June of 2009. A year later my cupboards were full, my pantry was bursting, I had added new shelving in the mudroom to handle my stockpile & I had purchased a used freezer for $60 when I could no longer put anything else into my regular freezer.

Not adhering to any stockpile plan, I was just happily accumulating food. It gave me great comfort to know I had 8 bottles of ketchup on the shelf when the last plffff from the open bottle was heard during a cookout. Before I started couponing, someone would have been running to the store…and probably more than once for such an occasion. And if it was husband who went to the store….OUCH!…someone would have to sell a kidney.

Sooooo….fast-forward to Fall of 2010. I found myself falling into a depression. Actually, I found myself suddenly in the depression. The 6 weeks prior to the end of 2010 and coming into the New Year, I didn’t coupon. I still collected my coupon fliers, but I never sat down once to go through my typical grocery routine. I ran to the store for milk, bread, coffee, and small things, but that was it. A weekly task that had been routine for more than a year was whisked away by my lack of desire to do it.

I knew I was missing sales…missing opportunities to buy things I needed to stock up on. But my Giva Dam was broken. I recognized it…tried to deal with it…and still the weeks went by and I didn’t coupon. I literally could not bring myself to do it.

Though in a funk, I took comfort in my stockpile. I had (have) plenty of food…everywhere. No one was going hungry because Mommy didn’t feel like grocery shopping. Imagine my added stress if I had to force myself to grocery shop during this difficult time. I would have been back to crawling in bed after every little task. That’s where I was a few years ago, so I know how bad it can get.

As much as it annoyed me that I couldn’t just jump back into being me, being able to shirk a few responsibilities for a time helped me work through the depression. I’m still not couponing like I was, but I’m working on it. I didn’t do too bad on my last trip to the store.

If you’re wondering what caused the depression…it’s hard to say. But Christmas stress and being in constant pain from RA are probably good guesses.



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