While I Was Fasting from Social Media

There’s joy…great joy…in obeying God.

Maybe fasting from social media doesn’t seem like a big deal. Maybe it even seems silly. And maybe if it had been my own idea to fast from social media it would be silly. But nothing God asks us to do is meaningless. Even when we don’t quite understand what or why He is asking of us, if He’s in it, there’s a good reason.

The actual fasting…abstaining from posting on Twitter & Facebook…was easier than I thought. At times I felt..for lack of a better word…tempted in the areas of Twitter and Facebook when I was reading a news report or blog and I would see the icons to “share” on Facebook or Twitter. If it was temptation, I didn’t entertain it long. Typically I would see the icons and say to myself, “Oh, darn. Can’t share it.” That’s about as far as I allowed that temptation to go.

Looking back though, I can see some outright temptations. The first came in the form of an email. It was a comment left on my Facebook wall. It seemed to be mocking me…mocking my fast…almost making me appear to be a hypocrite…a liar. I remember feeling very frustrated because it was the first day of the fast and already a misunderstanding was happening under my nose and I felt helpless. I vented to my husband, but I knew I had to let it go and deal with it after the fast. Funny. Today I read that comment on my wall and I see it in a different light. What had frustrated me on Day 1 wasn’t even worthy of a reply 22 days later. I had been misunderstood, but 22 days later I just don’t care.

Other times during the fast I would click on a news link or some other link of interest only to be thrust into Facebook. I would quickly close the tab. Again, I didn’t let temptation grab my attention.

Several times I received emails that wanted me to go to Facebook for one reason or another. I had to pass on some seemingly good deals, extra points, discounts, etc. But I did it. I made a commitment to God & myself and I wasn’t going to blow it over the “chance of a lifetime”. Whatever I missed, I know that God can bring it back 100 fold if it suits Him to bless me in that way. He’s done it before. I didn’t sweat it more than “That figures…while I’m fasting.”

The only “regret” I had during the fast was not being able to Tweet the things my kids say. Those funny, silly, crazy moments I’m used to Tweeting are gone forever because my brain just doesn’t keep up like it used to. They said some pretty funny things during those 21 days, but still I’m content to obey God. I didn’t tell the world what my kids said for 10 yrs. I’m sure the earth is still spinning on it’s axis.

That’s not to say I didn’t miss connecting with everyone over those 21 days. I missed asking questions and getting feedback. I missed chatting about politics and homeschooling. It was especially tough not being able to participate in the church Facebook group for the fast (isn’t that ironic?). What made it tough was that I received every post to that group via my email. I didn’t read them all. I let God bring bring things He needed me to know to my attention as I would scan my email. I deleted the rest.

So, while I was fasting from social media, the world kept spinning. And I learned a lot…more than I can even put into words on this blog. I know that God was in it & He used it to teach me the things He needed me to learn.

There’s joy…great joy…in obeying God.



One thought on “While I Was Fasting from Social Media

  1. I commend you! I’ve been taking a break from social media and realized that I was actually “fasting”. Staying in the Word of God and focusing more on HIM.

    The funny thing is, I thought I would loose followers on twitter but actually still have been gaining them.

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