Adoption Story

Unplanned Pregnancy – Part One
In September of 1991, at the age of 18, I discovered that I was pregnant. Yes, I was unmarried. Yes, the pregnancy was unplanned. No, abortion was not an option. And adoption, well, although I had the utmost respect for those who had made that decision, I could not imagine how I could bear the pain of giving up my own flesh and blood.
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Unplanned Pregnancy – Part Two
Two months before God spoke to me, two months before I made that call to the adoption agency; I found myself at a Planned Parenthood clinic. It was a mixture of innocence and ignorance.
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Unplanned Pregnancy – Part Three
So, I was 18, pregnant, unmarried, and had battled with Planned Parenthood about my \”choice\” to parent my child. … Then I heard God speak to me about finding an adoption agency. He patiently waited with me until I made that call and filled me with unfathomable peace. …Next, I was learning all about the adoption process, the legalities, and my responsibilities:
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Unplanned Pregnancy – Part Four
Having been given the first three family profiles to review, DiDi suggested that I might want to think about telling my parents about the adoption. She said that she would be there with me to help me tell them if I needed her to be. As it happened, my mom was home that day, so with DiDi\’s help I told her about my plans for placing my baby for adoption.
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Unplanned Pregnancy – Part Five
“…it is hard to convey in words all the love, happiness, and security we have to offer your baby!” …”We are interested in having an open adoption….willing to let you determine the degree of openness… At all times, you will have our love, support, and respect…”
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Unplanned Pregnancy – Part Six
“The agency did not want us to be at the hospital when [Anne-Marie] delivered, but said they would call us as soon as they had the news. Mother’s Day came and went, and our excitement and anticipation grew.”
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Unplanned Pregnancy – Part Seven
“Then on May 19th,…[the adoption agency] called with wonderful news…[Anne-Marie] had a baby girl!! They told us to drive [up] as soon as [Anne-Marie] and [baby] were discharged from the hospital.”
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Unplanned Pregnancy – Part Eight
My mom and I were the first ones to leave after placing my daughter with her family. (They still had paperwork to do and such.) We hadn’t reached the end of the road, when my mother, never too good at finding the right words for the moment, said, “I would have helped you keep her if you wanted to.” I’m sure she meant to comfort me in some way, but…I turned away from her and stifled back the tears as I started out the window.
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Unplanned Pregnancy – Part Nine
I ended Part Eight by saying that placing her for adoption & having some early visitation wasn’t the end of the story. There is no end to the story because it is has been an ongoing, growing relationship not only between my daughter & myself, but also a friendship with her mother that I could have never imagined. Even pondering it now, I’m just amazed at what God has given me. It’s beyond words.
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  7. Wow my knowledge just increased ten-fold due to your incredible and pragmatic knowledge and I will certainly bring this into my friendly discussions in the future.

  8. Hi Anne Marie,
    You may know that Lindsey is working on an essay about adoption for her writing 101 class. Her professor is permitting her to use this blog as a resource. I frankly didn’t even know the blog existed until I read it last night. Reading your comments was a huge blessing for me. Even though Char is no longer with us physically, I hope that you and I will always be a part of each others life.


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